Wednesday 24 July 2013

Ombre Rose Cake for my 13th wedding anniversary

This is the second year that I have made a wedding anniversary cake for myself and hubby. Last year, I made a red dragonfruit non-bake cheesecake for the occasion as I had just started baking not long and could only do something simpler.

This year, I challenged myself to do something different and decided to do an Ombre Rose Cake.
I was a little nervous as I have not attended any formal classes to learn piping before. My first attempt will be the actual cake itself. My fear was unfounded, the piping of the roses weren't as difficult as I thought initially and the cake turned out fine. Yay!

This is a pretty cake but not for one who is watching his calories intake and dislike too much cream on it. As hubby is on a diet, he scraped off the outer cream before he ate it!

Three-layered vanilla sponge cake with peach fillings

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