Thursday 25 July 2013

Baking Taitai's Breadmaker Wholemeal French Loaf 全麦法式面包

法国面包是我老公最爱吃的面包, 自我烘培开始,他就说有一天你一定要做给我吃。但是我有太多太多的蛋糕食谱都想尝试,所以就渐渐的把这事给忘了。直到有了面包机,看到有法式面包的程式,才想起一直都没满足他的要求。所以就做了这个健康的全麦法式面包。 我还记得当天面包做好时,拍了照片,马上用Whatspp传给他. 他非常高兴,还让同事看呢!

French Loaf is my husband's favourite bread. He would often buy it from bakeries that sell artisan bread. He has long expressed his wish for me to bake this bread for him but I have too many cakes which I want to try on my very long list of to-bake items so this was not my top priority. Until, I got the breadmaker and saw that it has a French loaf function that I came up with this healthy recipe and bake for him. Immediately after the loaf was out of the breadmaker, I took a photo of it and whatsapp him on his mobile. He was on cloud nine and showed off to one of his colleague!

With the breadmaker, the French loaf does not seems difficult any more and I can easily fulfil his request of eating French bread anytime.

Ingredients 材料 :

265g Water 水
250g Bread Flour 面包粉
75g Wholemeal Flour 全麦面粉
50g Plain Flour 普通面粉
22g Raw Sugar 原糖
9g Instant Yeast 速发酵母
1.5 tsp Salt 盐
22g Unsalted Butter (room temp) 牛油(室温软化)


1. Place all ingredients based on the sequence listed above (except butter) into the bread machine pan. (Note: Place sugar on the left side and salt on the right side. Make an indention at the centre of the flour and add instant yeast, make sure it does not touch the wet ingredients below.
2. Make program selection. (If you are using a Kenwood breadmaker like me, select program 2 (french), 750g loaf, medium crust. This cycle takes 3 hrs and 32 mins to complete.
3. Press start, it will knead for about 6 mins before it stops. Add butter at this stage.
4. Let machine do the rest of the work. Easy Peasy Right? ;p


1.将基于序列 (除了牛油) 入面包机锅上面列出的所有成分。(注 : 将糖放在左边,盐在右边。 即时酵母缩进在面粉的中心,确保它不会动到下面湿的成分。

2.选择面包机的程序。(我的面包机选择程序 (法国) 2、 750 g 面包、 中等壳。时间需 3 小时和 32 分钟才能完成。)

3.按启动,它将揉约 6 分钟后停止。在此阶段添加牛油。


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