Friday, 21 July 2017

Vanilla Hanjuku Cheesecake 香草半熟芝士蛋糕 (中英加图对照食谱)

Time flies, my blog will be celebrating its 4th anniversary this Sunday! I have baked this Vanilla Hanjuku Cheesecake to celebrate and it's a great choice as this cake is really yummy! 


Friday, 14 July 2017

Charcoal Matcha Chantilly Roll Cake 竹炭抹茶蛋糕卷 (中英加图对照食谱)

This Charcoal Matcha Chantilly Roll Cake is inspired by my visit to the O'sulloc cafe when I was in Seoul last month. You can click 'HERE' to follow Baking Taitai's Instagram if you are interested to see my Korea travel diary photos. :) 

Strawberry Ice-Cream Recipe & Blog Anniversary GiveAway 草莓冰淇淋 (中英加图对照食谱)

My friend, Marie, bought me this premium 100% pure Strawberry Powder from Taiwan some time ago and I have used it to make this simple 4 ingredients Strawberry Ice-Cream. My teenager commented that it tasted like Hagaan Dazs Strawberry ice-cream when she took her first mouthful. Indeed it does and it's awfully delicious! Homemade ice-cream is pretty simple to make with just 4 ingredients and most important it is free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.  

朋友从台湾带回来的100%纯天然特级草莓粉,最近拿来做草莓冰淇淋,味道微甜美味。女儿尝了一口,赞不绝口说味道太像“哈根达斯” (Hagaan Dazs) 的草莓雪糕!自制冰淇淋容易做,只需四种食材,最重要是不含人工色素,化学香料与防腐剂,吃了也安心。