Friday 25 October 2013

Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts 台湾凤梨酥 (中英食谱)


I recently returned from a great vacation in Taiwan, a country with warm and friendly people and great food too! Barely a week from returning, my kids are already missing it and so do I. This morning, I decided to bake something that would bring back the nice memories we had during our holidays.

Friday 4 October 2013

Non-Bake White Chocolate Square Cookies 免烤白巧克力方块饼干(中英食谱)


Today is Children's Day and I made these easy non-bake cookies for my two darlings. It is a sweet treat from mummy here who saw this recipe from a book -孟老师的100多道手工饼干  which she got recently. It is an easy and no-fuss recipe using only three ingredients.

Farm Truck Chocolate Fudge Cake

Last Saturday was my son's six years old birthday. I decided to attempt this 3-Dimentional cake at the last minute. I didn't have time to plan it earlier as the month of September is a busy and stressful one for me.