Tuesday 29 July 2014

Chicken & Potato Pies 鸡肉马铃薯派 (中英食谱教程 )

This is my favourite chicken and potato pie recipe which uses yoghurt to make the pastry dough. Yoghurt is one of my favourite baking ingredients as it has probiotics (good bacteria that can crowd out the harmful micro-organisms in our digestive tract which can cause intestinal infections), loaded with vitamins, power boosting proteins, bone-building calcium and many other benefits. Do click here to see my blog recipes which I have used yoghurt as an ingredient in my breads and cakes.  

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Key Lime Meringue Tart - Blog 1st anniversary 青柠蛋白霜塔 - 落格一周年 (中英食谱教程)

Today, my blog turns 1 year old. I started this blog with the encouragement of my friends to share my baking experiences and recipes. Though I started baking three years ago, I only started blogging two years later as I was hesitant to start one due to my busy schedule. Being a stay home mum without any helper, my daily schedule is packed with activities like household chores, preparing meals, coaching kids, kids enrichment classes etc. I have to multi-task and run around fast to complete as many tasks as I can. (that has helped to keep me slim as well..haha! ) Thus, I can't bake as often as I would love to but am contented with the limited time I have and try to bake at least once a week.   

Wednesday 16 July 2014

Healthy Non-Bake Mango Cheesecake 免烤芒果芝士蛋糕健康食谱 (中英食谱教程)

Wordless Wednesday......

Friday 11 July 2014

Pierre Herme's Sable Viennois (Danish Butter Cookies) 丹麦牛油饼干 (中英食谱)

This is one of my favourite butter cookie recipe which I would like to recommend to you. This recipe is adapted from Pierre Herme's pastry cookbook from Shirley's blog. Pierre Hermé is a French pastry chef most famous for his macarons (click here for his macaron recipe), many of which have unusual flavor combinations. French Vogue magazine dubbed him "The Picasso of Pastry." 

Monday 7 July 2014

Guest Blogger Workshop with LGW on 5 July 2014 - Magic Custard Cake & German Butter Cookies (1)

8 lovely ladies, (L to R) Emily, Patricia, Cecilia, Joane, Phoebii, Pamela, Yenn Theng and Cheryl joined me for an afternoon of fun bake-along session on 5 July 2014

It has always been my dream to conduct a baking class one day since I picked up baking three years ago. Teaching is not new to me as I used to be a music teacher. This dream is fulfilled much earlier by LessonsGoWhere (LGW) when they approached me about a month ago and invited me to be a blogger chef to conduct my own baking lesson. I am truly thankful to LGW for giving me this opportunity to host my first baking workshop and also the first Magic Custard Cake baking class ever conducted! I also want to give thanks and glory to God who has blessed me and guided me along my baking journey with great support from family and friends. 

Wednesday 2 July 2014

Crisp Chocolate Bites (William Sonoma) 外脆内软的巧克力饼干(中英食谱教程)

I almost forgot that I have a copy of The William Sonoma baking book until I saw Zoe's post on the crisp chocolate bites. You see, the problem with me is I am attracted to recipe books since I started baking 3 years ago. I did a recent count and realised that my collection has almost hit 100! I have to refrain myself from buying any more as I haven't even finish a quarter of the collection and many are still new and shrinkwrapped!