Wednesday 24 July 2013

Charlotte Cake

When my good friend Annie ordered a birthday cake from me for her son's one-year-old birthday in May, she specifically requested that no chocolate be used at all. As almost all the cakes I have done before for special occasions uses chocolate (my favourite ingredient in baking), I had to think hard of what type of non-chocolate cake to make as she has informed me one week just before the birthday celebration.

After my friend whatsapp me her order, within half an hour, I came up with this Charlotte cake idea (thank God for the inspiration) of using Marshmallows as toppings instead of M&Ms chocolate which I have done previously and proposed a 4-layered vanilla sponge cake with peach fillings. I have not done this cake before prior to my friend's order, so the actual birthday cake will be my first attempt.  (Don't you think I am taking a risk? ;p)

I am really blessed to have friends who trusted me and leave me totally to design the cake for them as I do not have any sample cake photos to show them how it will turn out since I only started taking cake orders from friends in February this year. I started to take orders upon encouragement from my friends who wish to enjoy healthy homemade cakes. Like to thank them again for such great support they have given me so far.

I like how the cake turned out and it's exactly what I had in mind. My friend was also very pleased with the design and thought it looked even nicer than the Chocolate Candy cake I have done before.  She has also given me feedback after the celebration that the cake was perfect. This is what she says, "The cake is light and soft. Not too sweet which is good. Thumbs up for both the look and taste!"

Isn't this a great encouragement to me? :)

Photo updated on 20 April 2014 - Charlotte 3 layer mango cake

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