Wednesday 24 July 2013

Baking Taitai's Breadmaker Multigrain Loaf

Can you see every piece is filled with loads of goodness?

This is another one of my experiments with the breadmaker. This time I wanted to create something more wholesome so I bought the usual organic ingredients like the high protein 12% flour, wholemeal flour and raw sugar (you can find the photos of how the packaging looks like in my earlier post here) and a new ingredient - Organic raw wheat germ to add to turn it into a super healthy recipe !

This is how the packaging looks like, it is available in our local major supermarkets.

With my first experiment, the loaf turns out to be a little dense. So, I did another round to improve the texture by selecting a different program - Wholewheat instead of Basic and reduce the milk by 10 percent. The Wholewheat program takes half an hour longer than the Basic program but it allows more time for proofing which makes the bread less dense. This gives a more satisfactory result, though it is not as light and fluffy as the basic loaf, it contains lots of wholemeal and wheatgerm which is extremely healthy!

Here's the improved recipe.

Baking Taitai's Breadmaker Multigrain Loaf


1 Egg Yolk (cold)
210g Fresh Milk (cold)
100g Organic High Protein Flour 12%
90g Organic Wholemeal flour
40g Organic Raw Wheatgerm
70g Cake Flour
2 tbsp Organic Raw Sugar
1 tsp salt
1.5 tsp instant yeast
20g unsalted butter (soften at room temperature)
50g dried cranberries
50g multigrain mix (pumpkin, oatmeal, sunflower seed, flaxseed) 


1. Place all ingredients based on the sequence listed above (except butter) into the breadmaker pan. (Note: Place sugar on the left side and salt on the right side. Make an indention at the centre of the flour and add instant yeast, make sure it does not touch the wet ingredients below.
2. Make selection for the program, loaf size and crust colour on your breadmaker. (For my Kenwood, I select 750g loaf, medium crust and program 3 (wholewheat). This cycle takes 3 hrs and 45 mins to complete.)
3. Press start, it will knead for a few minutes before it stops. Add butter at this stage.

4. Add dried cranberries & multigrain mix at the end of the 2ndkneading cycle. (My breadmaker will sound an alert for adding the ingredients at the timing 2:56.)
5. Let machine do the rest of the work.

Personal Notes:
1) Do not lift the breadmaker lid when the dough is rising.
2) When the cycle completes, remove the bread immediately from the baking pan to prevent shrinking and sweating.
3) Cool it on a wire rack for about 30 mins before slicing.
4) Store in an air-tight container and consume within 2-3 days as homemade bread does not contain any preservatives.

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