Wednesday 24 July 2013

Ombre Petal Cake

Shortly after my friend Annie ordered a birthday cake for her son's birthday, if you could remember that I did a Charlotte cake for that occasion. She ordered another birthday cake from me, this time for her daughter who was turning 4 years old. Again, she specified that no chocolate to be used.

As I have just attempted an Ombre Rose Cake, I wanted to challenge myself further by doing an Ombre petal cake this time. This is definitely more challenging and takes a longer time to do. To be able to concentrate doing this without any disturbances from my kids, I chose to decorate the cake in the wee hours after they have gone to bed.

I am happy to be alone doing something which I enjoy even if I have to sacrifice my sleep. The piping of the petals is not as straight forward as the rose design. After each single pipe, I have to use a small spatula to swipe across horizontally before I pipe again. This is more tedious and I was also racing against time as the cream was melting fast due to the extra step and becomes difficult to pipe. I had to run to the fridge to chill the cream time after time. Felt a sign of relief when I finally completed the cake hours later. However, I do need to improve in this piping skill as you can see it was not done perfectly.

I chose an orange theme as it is the birthday girl's favourite colour. A little unusual as I always thought pink would be the choice instead. :p

Am glad that it was well received again and scored high on its look and colour. Most important the birthday girl was very happy with the cake and I was glad to make her day special. :)

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