Tuesday 7 April 2015

Vegetarian Cheese Pancake 蔬菜乳酪煎饼(中英食谱教程)

My kids never have any problem with eating vegetables since young. In fact, they love all sorts of vegetables in any form be it stir-fried, poached, steamed or salad. I recalled when my boy was a year old and had just started taking solid food, whenever he saw green vegetable in our food, he would say,"Green please, green please!" We would then pick out the greens and put into his mouth and he would be chewing away happily, rather unusual isn't it? I am more than happy that they love to eat vegetables and they always get a generous portion during meal time.  If your kids do not like vegetables then you can get them to eat their greens by 'hiding' it in the food just like this simple vegetarian cheese pancake which I had prepared for our breakfast last weekend. You can prepare the batter the night before, seal it with cling wrap and refrigerate it. The next morning mix the batter with the shredded vegetables and cheese before pan-frying it. Your healthy breakfast will be ready in less than 30 minutes! Or you can have this healthy snack anytime you fancy... 

Vegetarian Cheese Pancake 
(chinese recipe adapted and modified from Carol's First Book of Noodles and english recipe translated by bakingtaitai)

Ingredients: (makes 2 big pieces using 28cm frying pan)

(A) Pancake batter 
120g plain flour (I used premium Blue Jacket patent flour) 
30g wholemeal flour
2 eggs
150g fresh milk
1/4 tsp salt
dash of white pepper

(B) Vegetables *
1/2 potato
1/4 carrot
3 leafs of cabbage
some spring onion (will include next time for a better taste)
60g shredded cheddar cheese

*You may adjust the amount of vegetables according to your liking. 


(一) 面糊材料:
120克 中筋面粉
30克 全麦面粉
2粒 鸡蛋
150克 牛奶
1/4茶匙 盐
少许 白胡椒粉

(二) 蔬菜部份*
1/2 马铃薯
1/4 红萝卜
3片 高丽菜
一些青葱 (家里没有,所以没放,不过放了肯定更好吃)
60克 切达乳酪丝


Directions 步驟:
1. Shred the potatoes, carrots and cabbage. Mix the wholemeal flour and plain flour together in a mixing bowl.
1。马铃薯和红萝卜刨成细丝, 高丽菜切成丝。中筋面粉+全麦面粉放入盆中混合均匀。

2. Add the eggs and milk in, whisk the batter well till no flour is seen. Season with salt and white pepper, then seal with cling wrap for 20 minutes. (Batter can be prepared the night before, store in fridge after sealing with cling wrap.)
2。将鸡蛋及牛奶加入, 用打蛋器搅拌均匀成为无粉粒状态的面糊。将盐及适量白胡椒粉加入调味, 然后封上保鲜膜放置20分钟。(可以前一天晚上先準備好, 封上保鮮膜密封放冰箱)

3. Add in the shredded vegetables and cheddar cheese and mixed well.

4. Add some oil into the frying pan, pour half the batter into it, spread out evenly. Using low heat cook till both sides are golden.

Healthy breakfast to start off the day!

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ann low said...

Hi Cheryl, This pancake is very healthy and delicious. Definitely going to make this at home. Thank you for sharing the recipe :)

Anita said...

super yummy ! Jus made this for lunch/snack.. Kids love it too . Thanks

Karen Luvswesavory said...

It surely healthy & yummy for brekkie. Thanks for sharing Cheryl!

LY's Kitchen Ventures said...

Healthy and yummy. Thumbs up!

BabyDevil said...

Hi Cheryl, may I know what brand of frying pan you are using?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi, I'm using Green+Life healthy ceramic non-stick pan.

Abi said...

Hi Cheryl,
May I ask this batter can keep in fridge for how many days? And after cook can keep how many day inside frigde?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Abi, I have not tried keeping the batter or cooked pancake in the fridge as it is always prepared when needed and consumed immediately for freshness. I suppose 1-2 days should be fine but should there be a foul smell, please discard immediately.