Saturday 4 April 2015

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns 巧克力热十字面包 (中英食谱教程)

Have not been baking bread using the oven for quite some time (been relying on my breadmaker to churn out loaves on alternate days though) and I wanted to bake a batch of chocolate chips hot cross buns for Good Friday. However, it turned out to be chocolate hot cross buns instead! As I have added cold Hershey's chocolate chips (left half a pack and was kept in fridge), it must have melted during the kneading process in the breadmaker. Despite this, the buns turned out to be so soft and delicious and my girl commented that it tasted like Petite Provence chocolate wassants! 

好久没用烤箱烤面包了,(不过每隔一天还是会用面包机来做面包的),昨天的受难日正想烤一批巧克力豆热十字面包来吃。谁知道竟然烤出巧克力十字面包来!应该是用了从冰箱拿出来的Hershey's 巧克力豆(剩下半包所以保存在冰箱里),在面包机搓揉阶段时融化了,变成巧克力面团。即使这样,面包做出来很柔软又好吃!女儿说,吃起来味道很像Petite Provence 面包店卖的巧克力小面包呢!

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns  

(english recipe adapted and modified from here中文食谱由Baking Taitai翻译)

Ingredients: (makes 16 buns)
300g plain flour
30g caster sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon salt
40g unsalted butter, cut into cubes
5g Instant yeast
30g egg, lightly beaten
125ml milk
40ml warm water
150g chocolate chips 

Flour paste for crosses:
1 tbsp plain flour (I used premium Blue Jacket patent flour)  
1.5 tbsp cocoa powder (I omitted since I ended up with chocolate dough)
1 tsp caster sugar (I omitted)
1 tbsp cold water 

2 tbsp caster sugar (I replaced with 1 tbsp of yuzu jam)
2 tsp water


300克 普通面粉 (我用优质水手牌粉心粉
30克 细砂糖
1/2茶匙 肉桂粉
1/2茶匙 肉豆蔻粉
1/2茶匙 盐
40克 黄油,切成小块
5克 即食酵母粉
30克 鸡蛋,打散
125毫升 鲜奶
40毫升 温水
150克 巧克力豆


1汤匙 普通面粉(我用优质水手牌粉心粉
1.5汤匙 可可粉(我没放因为巧克力豆融化,变成巧克力面团了)
1小匙 细砂糖 (我没放)
1汤匙 冷开水

2汤匙 砂糖(我用1汤匙柚子果酱代替)
2茶匙 水

Method 做法:
1. Place the wet ingredients (egg, water and milk except butter) into the breadmaker pan first. 
* If you do not have a breadmaker, you may use the mixer to knead the dough or even hand knead but please be warned that the dough will be quite soft and sticky and rather hard to handle.  

2. Followed by the dry ingredients. (flour, sugar, spices, salt and yeast) Place sugar on the left side and salt on the right side. Make an indention at the centre of the flour and add instant yeast, make sure it does not touch the wet ingredients below. 

3. S
elect dough program. (Kenwood BM250 - select program '8' , this cycle takes 1 hr 30 mins to complete.) Press start, it will knead for 5 minutes before it stops. Add butter at this stage.
3。选择面团程序。 (Kenwood BM250 - 选择程序 '8' ,这个过程需一小时30分钟来完成)按下启动键,它会揉五分钟再停止。在这个阶段加入牛油。

4. Add in the chocolate chips in the middle of the 2nd kneading cycle. Remove the dough from the breadmaker when program has completed and dough has gone through the first proofing.  

5. Put the dough onto a lightly floured surface, divide into 16 portions (about 45g each)  and roll each portion into a ball.
5。面团放在撒上面粉的工作台,分割成 16份 (每粒大约45克),再分别滚圆。

6. Place the balls on a greased square pan. Cover with damp cloth or cling wrap and leave to rise for about 30~45 minutes or until dough has doubled in size. 

7. Sift flour in a small bowl, add in water and mix to make a smooth thick paste. Place the flour paste into a piping bag and snip off a tiny corner. Pipe a continuous line down the centre of each row of buns, length wise and width wise, to form crosses when the doughs have doubled in size. 

8. Bake in a preheated oven at 200 degree Celcius for about 15~20 minutes or until golden brown.

9. While the buns are baking, place sugar and water in a small saucepan and stir over low heat until the sugar dissolves. Transfer the baked buns to a wire rack, brush the tops with glaze. Serve warm. (I mixed yuzu jam with water for glazing)

Note 附注: 
The dough can be made the day before up to the shaping stage, cover with cling wrap and refrigerate over night. The next day bring to room temperature leave to rise till double in size, pipe on the crosses and bake.

Feedback given by reader who has tried this recipe:

Sharron Wee says,"Indeed soft & fluffy like chocolate wassant!" 

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kitchen flavours said...

Faboulous hot cross buns! with chocolates! A definite winner!

Karen Luvswesavory said...

Blessed Easter to you Cheryl!

Karen Luvswesavory said...

Blessed Easter to you Cheryl!

Agnes said...

Can I replace chocolate chip with choco powder? If yes how much should I use? Tks

Baking Taitai said...

Thanks Karen! Hope you had a great Easter holiday!

Baking Taitai said...

Yes, you may omit the chocolate chips and add about 10g of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Unknown said...

Just baked these yummy buns last nite, it's really soft!

Unknown said...

Can I replace milk with milk powder? If so, how much should I use?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Grace,
Yes you can. Different milk powder has different formulae ,thus you will have to check your milk powder formulae to work out how much milk powder and water to mix together to get 125ml milk.

Unknown said...

Hi,i always think that we need to use bread flour to make bread. Will plain flour do? Will it produce just as soft? Can i use bread flour to replace plain flour? Thanks

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Dixie Pixie, yes definitely or I won't be able to bake this bread successfully right? ;) Many of my followers have tried this recipe and commented that the bread is very soft and fluffy, taste just like the chocolate wassant at Petite Provence. (Go see my facebook page where I shared one of my follower's bake using this recipe) No problem to use bread flour but you will alter the texture of this bread by changing the ingredient as recommended by the author of the recipe.

Little Star said...

hi Cheryl,


Baking Taitai said...

Little Star 你好,

是的,先把有水份的食材(牛油除外)搅拌均匀后,再加入其它食材搓揉成为一个不粘手的面团,加入牛油,搓揉到完全融合。 继续搓揉甩打成撑得起薄膜的面团。最后再加入巧克力豆。