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Easy Non-bake Mango Tofu Cheesecake 简易免烤芒果豆腐芝士蛋糕 (中英食谱)

My family loves to eat any type of cheesecake, be it the Classic cheesecake or the Japanese light cotton cheesecake, we love them all! This simple non-bake cheesecake does not require an oven to bake as it is done by chilling the cake mixture in the fridge for more than four hours to allow it to set.


first attempt done 2 years ago with 2-layers - top is pure tofu cream cheese mixture; bottom is mango tofu cream cheese mixture. 

Silken Tofu is the main ingredient here and surprisingly the cake tastes good, not a hint of tofu is used at all. This is a super healthy cake as no whipping cream is used and the cake is so light and refreshing that you would surely go for a second helping! And look at the benefits that mango offers you! 


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The cake is so light & refreshing! 

Non-Bake Mango Tofu Cheesecake 
(english adapted & modified from HHB,中文食谱由Baking Taitai翻译 )

Ingredients 食材:
180g digestive biscuits or oreo cookies without cream, finely crushed
55g unsalted butter, melted
20g light brown sugar


120ml warm water
2.5 tablespoons gelatin powder *
330g Philidelphia cream cheese, soften at room temperature
200g extra silken tofu
60g unsalted butter, soften at room temperature
50g icing sugar or brown sugar 
5 tablespoons lemon juice
200g Mango Puree (cut mango into small pieces, put in blender to make puree)
200g Diced Mangoes

*1 TBSP gelatin = 4 gelatin sheets 

180克 消化饼或奥利奥饼干(无奶霜),压碎 

55克 无盐牛油,融化
20克 赤糖

120毫升 温水
2.5汤匙 明胶粉/鱼胶粉/吉利丁粉*
330克 奶油奶酪,
200克 嫩豆腐
60克 无盐牛油,室温下
50克 糖霜或赤糖
5汤匙 柠檬汁
200克 芒果泥(芒果切成小块,放入果汁机搅)
200克 芒果粒

*1汤匙 (1 TBSP) 吉利丁粉 = 4 吉利丁片

Tovolo Measuring Spoons
1汤匙 = 1 TBSP = 15ml
汤匙 Gelatin = 2 TBSP + 1 tsp + 1/2 tsp 


Crust饼底 :

Line the base of a 8 inch round pan with removable base with baking paper. Combine crushed cookies, light brown sugar and melted butter together in a mixing bowl. With the back of a spoon, press the biscuit crumbs firmly onto the base of the prepared pan. Chill in the freezer compartment for half an hour.


1. Measure warm water into a small bowl and sprinkle in the gelatin powder (without stirring). Set aside 10 minutes to allow the gelatin grains to bloom before setting the bowl over a pot of simmering water. Stir with a spoon till gelatin melts, set aside to cool.  (after the gelatin has bloom, I melt it directly over my Brandt induction hob.)


2. With an electric mixer, beat cream cheese, silken tofu, butter in a mixing bowl until smooth. Stop to scrape down the sides if necessary. Add in sugar, mix well before adding lemon juice and gelatin and beat till fully incorporated. 

2。用电动搅拌机,搅打奶油奶酪,滑豆腐, 牛油直到顺滑。加入糖,搅拌均匀再加入柠檬汁和明胶继续搅拌均匀

3. Add the mango puree and diced mango to the mixture and mix well with a spatula. Pour the mixture into the chilled crust. Smooth the surface with the spatula and tap the pan lightly on the table top.
* To make 2 different layers - Divide the batter into two portions. Set one portion aside. Add mango puree and diced mango into the other portion, pour this mango batter onto the chilled crust based. Smooth the surface with a spatula and tap the pan lightly on the table top. Put it into the freezer to set for 15 minutes before pouring in the other portion. 

3。加入芒果泥和芒果粒, 用橡皮刮倒搅拌均匀再倒入饼模裹,用刮刀抹平表面,轻轻在桌台上敲几下。
*两层的方法 - 将馅料分成两份。其中一份加入芒果泥和芒果粒, 倒入饼模裹,用刮刀抹平表面,轻轻在桌台上敲几下。把它放进冰箱冷冻15分钟,再倒入另外一份馅料。

4. Refrigerate for at least 4 hours before consumption. Enjoy!


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Sharing my reader Chris's Mango Tofu Cheesecake using this recipe, she says," This is a good recipe, I was lazy to do two layers, just did a single layer of tofu cream cheese mixture and mixed with diced honey mangoes. Super delicious! Thank you for sharing the recipe. "

Sharing Vivien's Mango Tofu Cheesecake using this recipe, she says," It's delicious! But I think I gotta get the sweet mangoes next time! :p" 

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