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Baking Taitai's 50 mins Amazing Pumpkin Bread 烘焙太太的50分钟神奇南瓜面包 (中英食谱)

This is my last pumpkin post of the month. In support of the LTU October pumpkin event, I have the opportunity to try out these pumpkin recipes - Pumpkin Tofu Cheesecake Jar, Pumpkin Ondeh Ondeh and Pumpkin Hokkaido Chiffon cupcakes for the past few weeks. Today I am going to share with you my latest successful experiment of this 50 minutes Amazing pumpkin buns. About half a year ago, when I discovered the 40 minutes bun recipe, I thought it was really amazing as you can churn bread out in such a short time. However, this 40 minutes bread recipe uses too much yeast and those who have tried find the texture to be dense and sticky by the next day. My experiment 2 days ago proved to be a champion over the 40 mins bread recipe as I have used the super food pumpkin to recreate a new quick bread recipe which uses much less yeast and is healthier too. This quick bread recipe takes all in all less than an hour to churn out homemade bread compared to normal bread making which requires more than 3 hours, amazing isn't it? 

这是本月的最后一个南瓜食谱。为了支持‘小拇指说好’的十月南瓜活动,我有机会尝试了这些南瓜食谱 - 南瓜豆腐芝士蛋糕瓶南瓜椰丝球南瓜北海道戚风小蛋糕。今天,我要与大家分享最近试验成功的50分钟神奇南瓜面包。大约半年前,我第一次尝试了40分钟面包食谱就觉得非常神奇了,因为在这么短的时间就可以把面包做出来。不过,这40分钟面包用的酵母也实在太多了,让许多人无法接受。而且面包放到隔天,咬下去还会粘牙呢!前两天的成功试验跟40分钟面包食谱比起来健康许多!除了用南瓜,酵母也大大的减少,面包的质感也有进步,不会粘牙。大家快来试一试吧! 

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Baking Taitai's Amazing 50 minutes Pumpkin Buns 

Ingredients: (makes 10 - 65g dough each)

100g warm water
30g oil (I use Sunflower oil as I find it healthier)
5g instant dry yeast
190g pumpkin puree
30g sugar
1/2 teaspoon salt
320g bread flour

Egg wash: 1 egg yolk + 1 tsp milk, mix well and strained.

* Prepared in advance - To make pumpkin puree, peel skin of pumpkin, remove seeds and cut into smaller pieces, steam for about 20~25 mins, mashed with a fork.  I normally prepare one whole pumpkin, freeze it after steaming and use as and when I need. Cooked pumpkin can be kept frozen for a month or keep in the fridge for a week. 
**update - please do not over steam the pumpkin or it will become mushy, drain the steam pumpkin water away before mashing, the pumpkin puree should not be watery at all. please refer to my youtube video here to see how the texture of the steam pumpkin and pumpkin puree should look like.  


100克 温水
30克 油 (我用比较健康的葵花籽油)
5克 速溶干酵母
190克 南瓜泥*
30克 糖
半茶匙 盐
320克 高筋面粉

蛋液: 蛋黄1个 + 1汤匙牛奶, 搅拌均匀后过滤。

**更新 - 南瓜不要蒸过头至太软,请把蒸好的南瓜沥干水份再压成南瓜泥,压好的南瓜泥不应该是水水的。请点击这里参考我的YouTube视频,看蒸好的南瓜和南瓜泥的质地应该是什么样子的。


1. In your mixer bowl, combine the water, oil, yeast and sugar together and allow it to rest for 15 minutes. 


2. Using your dough hook, mix in the pumpkin puree, salt and flour.


3. Knead with hook until all the ingredients are incorporated and the dough is soft and smooth. The dough will be slightly sticky, do not add any more flour. (I used KitchenAid stand mixer, speed 1 to knead throughout for about 5 mins)

** If you do not have a mixer with dough hook, you can knead with your hands until the dough comes together, soft and smooth, no need to knead till window pane stage. If you have a breadmaker, you can use the pasta dough function to knead about 10 minutes till dough is soft and smooth.

4. Dough will be sticky so grease your hands generously with oil to make handling easier. Divide the dough into 10 balls (about 65g each), rest for 5 minutes, add in your preferred fillings (I wrapped in Muar otah). Allow the doughs to rest for 10 minutes on the baking pan. 
** Do not exceed dough resting time as it will affect the softness of bread. If no fillings are added, after dividing the dough, rest it for 10 mins before putting into the oven to bake.


Love the generous size of the Tovolo silicone Pastry Mat and its non-stick material creates an ideal work surface. Though the dough in this recipe is very sticky, it did not cling to the mat at all! The Tovolo paring knife is great for cutting as it has a non-stick blade which prevents sticky food from adhering to the knife and makes cleaning a breeze!   

5. Glazed the surface with egg wash. (I sprinkled some dried parsley on it.) Bake in preheated oven at 220 degrees celcius top and bottom heat for 10~12 minutes or until golden brown. (For my Brandt oven, I used the traditional function and baked for 10 minutes) 


The Tovolo baking mat's silicone fibre insulates the baking pan and provides a non-stick surface, thus no greasing is needed and it is easy to clean.

6. After baked, remove from the oven, transfer immediately to a wire rack to let cool. 


I have used the Tovolo Mini Turner Tongs to transfer the buns. The flat ends create the perfect grip for delicate items and the gentle grip allows a secure hold without damaging food.  

7. These buns are best eaten on the day that it is baked and to be consumed within 1-2 days.  Heat it up in the microwave for 13~15 secs for better taste if you are eating it the next day. 


Suggestion 建议:
The pumpkin may be replaced by sweet potato, potato or carrot. You will have to adjust the liquid proportion accordingly. 

So soft and fluffy! 

Updated on 5 Nov'14
Sharing some feedbacks given by those who have tried it. Click 'HERE' to view their bakes which I have shared in Baking Taitai's Facebook page.  
1. Jennifer Quek - "Though not easy to handle the dough, I am happy with the end result. Though it is still soft the next day, I put it in the microwave for 13~15 secs for even greater taste!"
“这食谱又快又柔软又QQ的, 好吃! 第二天还是蛮柔软的。 如果要更好吃, 可以在微波炉打13到15秒就行!” 

2. Chai Lin - "The buns are Super soft and delicious!" “面包超软超好吃的!”

3Cassandra Poh - "I sprinkled some truffle salt & cheese on top, OMG, taste so heavenly & the bread texture is QQ which I like!"“我在面包上撒了松露盐和芝士,味道太棒了,面包的质感是QQ的,我喜欢!”

4. Pauline Clt - "I really love this recipe, the buns are so yummy and soft, easy and fast. Most important, lesser yeast is needed!" “好喜欢你的50分钟神奇南瓜面包食谱,简易,快,柔软,最重要酵母也用得少!”

5. Kelly NgThis recipe is amazing! Bread is so soft, I put in cheese filing & both just melted in the mouth. My kid loves it & ask for more. Thanks a lot!"“这食谱太神奇了,面包好柔软。我加了奶酪馅,咬下去即溶在口。我家小孩好喜欢,吃完了又再讨。太感谢你的食谱了!”

and many more other photos and feedbacks can be found at Baking Taitai's Facebook page - "50 minutes Amazing Pumpking Bread Album"

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LY's Kitchen Ventures said...

Beautiful and healthy buns!!

ann low said...

Hi Cheryl, Thank you for sharing this easy bun recipe. Looks really soft and fluffy. Love it!

Karen Luvswesavory said...

This is what I'm looking for quick bun recipe. Thanks, Cheryl!

向日葵葵 ~ Sunflower Grace said...

Wow so soft and fluffy, some more the total time needed is shorter than usual one. Thanks for sharing this. Will give it a try with my leftover pumpkin puree.

Fion said...

这真的太适合我这早出晚归的安娣,谢谢分享 :)

Miss B @ Everybody Eats Well in Flanders said...

Hi Cheryl,
These 50 min pumpkin buns with otah fillings must be very very yummy, thanks for sharing ! :)

Unknown said...

What can I replace with if I don't have pumpkin?
Thanks for sharing.

lena said...

sounds incredible that only requires short proofing time. hope to try that too someday! thx!

Lucaslicious Mom said...


I think the bread looks great! If I only want it plain, can I just omit the pumpkin? Or do I need to replace it with another ingredients? Thanks!

Tin Rodriguez said...

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks for sharing this recipe!
What would you suggest as alternative fillings? I don't really fancy muar otah.


Baking Taitai said...

Hi Tin Rodriguez,

As mentioned in my recipe, you can wrap in your preferred fillings. There are some who tried and added cream cheese. You can try hot dog, luncheon meat, curry potato fillings (recipe is found in my blog under 'Wholemeal Çurry Potato buns', etc. anything that you like. :)

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Lucaslicious Mom, if you omit the pumpkin, you may replace with sweet potato as the texture is closest to pumpkin.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Fonghui, you can try replacing with sweet potato as I find the texture after steam and mash is the closest to pumpkin.

Zoe said...

Hi Cheryl,

Sorry for my late visit for this pumpkin post. This bread recipe looks amazing! Just 50 mins and you can produce this lovely buns... Wow!


mui mui said...

Hi Cheryl.
Your 50 minutes bread is amazing! It's soft and fluffy!
Thanks for sharing all your lovely recipes to LTU!

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl. Do you bake or steam the Prague before wrapping?


Baking Taitai said...

Hi Genn, do you mean the otah filling? Yes, I airfried it first before wrapping it in. You can either bake or steam it.

Marie said...

Hi Cheryl, can I replace oil to butter?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Hwee Yong, yes you can.

Marie said...

Hi Cheryl, then when can I put in the butter? also how many grams pls? Thank you.

Baking Taitai said...

HI Hwee Yong, you have to melt the butter first then add in just like the oil in step 1. To convert from oil to butter, just multiply the amount by 1.14. will do.

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl. If I do not want to add pumpkin or sweet potato can it be replaced with more flour?
I prefer a simplier bun to add filling. AlSo does using wholemeal flour work?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Unknown, I can't advise you as I have not tried it before, I can only advise what I have tried and tested in this blog recipe, hope you understand.

Wendy said...

Hi Cheryl
You have mentioned above that you have normally stream the whole pumpkin and keep them in the freezer/fridge for future use. Sorry about this, but do you meant that after stream, you put the stream pumpkin into freezer or is after stream, mesh it into puree than put into freezer? And, can you advise how do you keep them in freezer? Inside container? or is there any wrap in foil or?

Sorry for the above noob questions.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Wendy, after I have steamed the cubed pumpkins, I store it in a freezer safe air-tight container before putting it in the freezer.