Wednesday 5 November 2014

Guest blogger workshop with LGW on 1 November 2014 - X'mas Log Cake (1)

6 lovely ladies (L to R) Priscilla, Joane, Cecilia, Cheryl, Jolyn and Michelle joined me for an afternoon of fun bake-along session on 1 November 2014

Last Saturday, I conducted my 4th guest blogger workshop with LessonsGoWhere and the participants had fun baking a delicious, soft and fluffy chiffon swiss roll and transforming into a Christmas snowy log cake.  Here's sharing some photos taken during the workshop. 

Demo session

Working in pairs for peer teaching. 

Some in full concentration, some stopped for a pose. :)

Participants with their lovely creations!

Thanks to E-Fei of LessonsGoWhere and Lena of the The Baking Loft who have been great assistants to me and my dear hubby for capturing pictures of these special moments during the workshop. Not forgetting to thank Brandt who has sponsored the recipe books - 'Simple Pleasures from the Kitchen' which I had given each participant a copy to bring home and Tovolo Singapore for sponsoring the baking tools. 

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Zoe said...

Hi Cheryl,

Congratulation to your success of conducting your 4th workshops. I see all the participants are so happy with delicious creations.


Baking Taitai said...

Thank you Zoe, have a blessed weekend!