Thursday 8 February 2018

A Visit to Dora Bakery in Taiwan 多拉烘焙小舖 (Highly Recommended!)

After sharing about my visit to Wu Pao Chun's bakery 吴宝春麥方店 in Taipei in my previous post, here's sharing another highly recommended bakery which you should try to visit when in Taiwan. During my Taipei trip last month, I've planned a day to Taoyuan specially to visit Chef Ian Wu (吴宗谚师傅) and his renowned Dora Bakery as well as to visit 'Cross-Country 台湾全国食材广场 - the biggest baking ingredient and baking tool supplier in Taoyuan'  which you will read about in my next post. 

To get to Dora Bakery from Taipei, I took a train from Taipei Main Station, about half an hour's ride to Taoyuan train station, then took a cab to Chef Ian's bakery. 

When I arrived, the shop was still closed as I was five minutes early to the opening hour at 1pm. Read on and you'll know why I'm so 'kiasu' to reach his bakery early... ;p

The aroma of freshly baked bread greeted us as we entered the bakery, this makes me feel hungry again even though we had a delicious Japanese lunch at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 新光三越 next to the Taoyuan Train Station. (you may visit Baking_Taitai's Instagram for more sharing about my Taipei trip).

All the yummy bread in this bakery uses all natural yeast! So healthy and yet the price is super friendly to the pocket, so much cheaper as compared to equivalent bakeries using such healthy and premium ingredients!

I'm so happy to see Chef Ian and his pretty wife again!  

Shortly after bakery is opened, bread is selling off fast as there were some customers who arrived before it's opening time too. 

My favourite is the Brown Sugar Cream Frozen Bread! 

Going off the shelf extremely fast is Chef Ian's famous frozen bread 冰麵包 as seen above. This bread is Chef Ian's special creation, the bread is frozen after baked, thawed and to be consumed within an hour due to the cream filling in it. It is so soft and fluffy instead of being dry & hard after freezing, amazing isn't it?! This is such a sought after bread that it’s sold out in less than an hour after shop is opened! That explained why I visited the bakery early and got there just before it opens! (lol...) 

Best sellers - Earl Grey Cherry bread, Pumpkin Toast & Mentaiko baguette

Yummy Mentaiko baguette! 

The no.5 bread are made specially for MayDay’s concert in Taoyuan and not for sale in the bakery! (MayDay is a popular boy band in Taiwan)
為五月天Life巡迴演唱會做的No.5麵包, 只賣給看演唱會的粉絲們,不在店里卖哦!

My no.5 bread! 

Ate this Frozen Bread with Brown Sugar Cream as I boarded the train back to Taipei. It's so yummy that I could eat two at one go! 

My gifts from Chef Ian, the pineapple tarts are deliciously good too!

Chef Ian Wu will be coming to Singapore this July and I'm looking forward to attend his bread workshop again! If you love bread making, you must not miss this opportunity to learn from him! 

Dora Bakery 朵拉烘焙小舖
📍Address: 中正路1362號1樓, 桃園區, 桃園市
No. 1362, Zhongzheng Road, Taoyuan District, Taoyuan City
🕰 13:00-21:00 (Closed on Friday & Saturday)

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