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Homemade Green Tea Milk Spread 自制抹茶牛奶酱 (中英加图对照食谱)

I have always love anything green tea and matcha and it's no surprise that I love the Korean O'Sulloc Green Tea Milk spread. However, it's really costly here in Singapore, selling at $18.90 for a 200g small bottle!

As I like my spread to be thick on toast, one small bottle does not last and is usually consumed within a day by my family of 4. Thus, I decided to make my own and am happy with the result as the taste is not far from the original. It is really simple as all you need is 4 ingredients and cooking is done within 30 minutes, easy peasy right?

Here below, I've shared both methods of cooking over the stove as well as cooking using the Thermomix. I love the Thermomix method as I can set the timing and temperature and leave it to cook while I walk away to do other stuffs and need not stand in front of the stove to stir constantly for 20 minutes.

If you like this green tea milk spread, do give it a try and remember to use pure, good quality and premium matcha powder to achieve the best result. Happy cooking!

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This green tea milk spread goes very well with my Homemade Earl Grey Tea Bread , super fragrant!    

Homemade Green Tea Milk Spread 

My homemade spread versus the O'Sulloc in the background

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Ingredients 食材:
200g dairy whipping cream 动物性鲜奶油 (>35% fat 脂肪)
100g full cream fresh milk 全脂鲜奶
30g sugar 糖 (I used organic raw sugar, 我用有机原蔗糖)
10g Uji matcha powder 于治抹茶粉 (or any premium matcha powder 或任何优质抹茶粉)

Note: Different brand of ingredients have different composites, thus there may be a slight difference in the end result.


Over Stove Method 火炉煮法 :
1. In a pot, warm up 50g milk before sifting in matcha powder. Use a hand whisk to stir until fully dissolved, smooth and no clots.  
1. 在锅里,先加热50毫升牛奶,再筛入抹茶粉,用手打蛋器搅拌至顺滑,没有凝块。

2. Stir in remaining milk, whipping cream and sugar. Bring the mixture to a boil and stir constantly for 20 minutes until mixture thickens.
2. 加入剩余牛奶,鲜奶油和糖,充分搅拌均匀煮至沸腾,继续不断地搅拌20分钟至浓稠状态。

3. After cooking is done, pour into a glass container.
3. 煮好后,倒入玻璃罐保存。

4. Green tea milk spread will thickened when cooled down. Store in the refrigerator for up to one week. Texture will hardened when chill, leave in room temperature to softened before consuming. 
4. 抹茶奶酱冷却后会变浓稠,存放冰箱保质期约一星期。冷藏过的抹茶奶酱会变硬,享用之前,放在室温软化。

Thermomix Method 美善品法: 
1. Put whipping cream, milk, sugar and matcha powder into the TM bowl. Select Time: 20 mins, Temperature: 120°C, Speed 3, place simmering basket instead of MC on lid. 
1. 将鲜奶油,牛奶,糖和抹茶粉放入主锅。选择时间:20分中钟,温度:120度,速度3烹煮,将网锅取代量杯,放在主锅盖上。

2. After cooking is done, pour into a glass container.
2. 煮好后,倒入玻璃罐保存。

Lovely colour and smooth texture! 

3. Green tea milk spread will thicken when cooled down. Store in the refrigerator for up to one week. Texture will hardened when chill, leave in room temperature to softened before consuming. 
3. 抹茶奶酱冷却后会变浓稠,存放冰箱保质期约一星期。冷藏过的抹茶奶酱会变硬,享用之前,放在室温软化。

Updated on 20 April 2017
Thank you reader, Mei Po Mak, who has tried this recipe and given me such positive feedback! 

This green tea milk spread is so nice and I love the taste! As a matcha lover, this is a must-try recipe! This spread goes very well with your blog's wholemeal butter buns. Also, this spread made my steamed matcha cupcakes taste so complete, yummy! ~ Mei Po

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