Wednesday 21 August 2013

Baking Taitai's Hokkaido Milk Matcha loaf with Azuki Paste fillings (Breadmaker recipe) 烘培太太的北海道牛奶抹茶小麵包加红豆馅 (面包机食谱)

Those who follow me on Facebook would have seen me posting matcha bakes for the past week in my facebook page. Tis the season of Matcha for me as I have got a big pack of Matcha powder (bought in Japan recently) in my fridge.

As you know the shelf life of matcha powder is short, I hope to finish using it before the expiry date. Hence, the reason for making Matcha bakes one after another. It's a good thing that my family likes matcha and they have not complained (so far...keeping my fingers cross! hee hee ;p) of eating so much matcha bakes lately. And I hope that you are not tired of seeing my matcha posts too as there will be more to come. Please bear with me if you are not a matcha fan.

This bake uses the breadmaker totally and I have adapted it from my previous post of Hokkaido Milk loaf with cream cheese & dried cranberrie​s fillings here.

Below are some photos to show you how I prepared the Azuki paste (red beans fillings) by dividing them equally and rolling into balls for easier wrap later. I have also put it into the fridge for easier handling too. You can prepare this filling during the kneading and proofing stage.

The bread dough after going through one proof can be taken out and quickly divided into twelve portions. Make sure you work fast and within twenty minutes so that there is sufficient time for the buns to proof well before baking starts in the breadmaker.

Here's the recipe:

Ingredients 材料 :

100g heavy whipping cream 動物性鮮奶油 100

100g fresh milk 鲜奶 100
1 egg 鸡蛋一粒
240g organic high protein flour 12% (or bread flour) 高筋面粉 240
30g organic Wholemeal flour (can be replaced with bread flour) 有机全麦面粉 30 (可以用高筋面粉代替)
30g cake flour 低筋面 30
15g milk powder 奶粉 15
1 Tbsp premium matcha powder 上等抹茶粉 一大汤匙
2 Tbsp organic raw sugar 有机原糖 两大汤匙
1.5 tsp instant dry yeast 快速干酵母 1.5小茶匙
1 tsp salt 1小茶匙

Fillings 馅料:
300g Azuki paste (store bought red bean paste) 包装红豆馅 300克

1. Prepare the red bean fillings first. Divide into 12 portions of 25g each and roll into balls. Set aside in fridge to harden a little for easier wrap later. 
1。先准备红豆馅。分成12份, 每粒25克。放入冰箱变硬一点更容易包裹。

2.  Put the ingredients to the breadmaker pan according to the above sequence. 

3. Select sweet dough function (if you do not have this program, just choose basic) and let the machine knead the dough. (For my Kenwood BM, I select program 4 and light crust) 

4. Two hours before end of the program, take the dough out onto a lightly floured table and punch it down. (I removed at time 2:09) 
* Don't forget to remove the paddle as we won't need it anymore. 

5. Divide the dough into 12 pieces (about 52g each) 

6. Use a roller to roll each piece into a round disc, wrap the red bean paste and seal the edges tight. 

7. Place each wrapped dough into the breadmaker pan (sealed edges facing down), six below & six above and let the breadmaker do the rest of the job. 

Important note: From step 4-7, please complete within 20 minutes, so that there will be sufficient time for the buns to proof.


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