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Baking Taitai's Hokkaido Milk Buns with Cream Cheese & Dried Cranberries fillings (Breadmaker recipe) 烘培太太的北海道牛奶小麵包加奶油乳酪与蔓越莓干 (面包机食谱)

My breadmaker is my current favourite 'toy'. There is definitely no regret buying it as it has served my family well and we are enjoying homemade bread with my various creations using my basic loaf recipe here.  I wanted the breadmaker to do more than just baking loaf bread so I did an experiment recently and baked buns in it. I was not disappointed, the buns turned out to be soft and fluffy!

The Kenwood BM 250 which I own has twelve pre-set programs, actually just eleven as the 'rapid bake' program is a "forbidden" button as I was told. If you use this 'rapid bake' function, you can churn out a loaf of bread in a very short time. However, the loaf of bread will be so hard that 'you can throw it at the wall' as described by a baking friend. ;)

The most commonly used is the 'basic' program which bakes you a loaf bread. The 'dough' program is used often too for kneading and going through one proofing stage before taking it out for shaping buns and baking in the conventional oven. As I want to make things simple and cut down this step of transferring to the oven to bake, I selected the 'sweet dough' program which takes 3 hours and 22 minutes to complete the whole process. I have chosen a Hokkaido milk loaf recipe which I got online some time ago and modified it to a healthier version. Instead of plain buns, I added my family's favourite cream cheese & dried cranberries fillings. 

For this extra step of dividing the dough and adding the fillings, you will have to work very quickly. Thus, I suggest that after you have started the program, you should proceed to make the fillings and chill it in the fridge to firm up a little for easier wrapping later.

Right after the first proofing stage, which is about 2 hours before the program ends, take the dough out from the breadmaker. (Do not off the machine!) You can remove the paddle at this stage.

The dough is rather sticky to handle, I have reduced the milk by ten percent in the recipe below which should be easier to handle when you try it. Remember you will have to work fast and put the buns back into the breadmaker preferably within twenty minutes so that there is sufficient time for proofing before the breadmaker starts baking.

Have fun trying this!

Ingredients  材料 :
100g heavy whipping cream  動物性鮮奶油 100克
90g fresh milk  鲜奶  90克
1 egg  鸡蛋一粒

240g bread flour  高筋粉 240克
30g organic Wholemeal flour  有机全麦面粉 30克
30g cake flour  低筋面粉 30克
15g milk powder  奶粉 15克
2 Tbsp organic raw sugar  有机原糖 两大汤匙
1.5 tsp instant dry yeast  快速干酵母 1.5小茶匙
1 tsp salt  鹽 1小茶匙

Fillings  馅料:
200g Philadelphia cream cheese  奶油乳酪 200克
65g icing sugar  糖粉 65克
50g dried cranberries  蔓越莓干 50克

1. Prepare the cream cheese fillings first. Beat the cream cheese with an electric mixer, add in icing sugar gradually till well combined. Roughly divide into 12 portions, put into the fridge to harden a little for easier handling later. 
2.  Put the ingredients into the breadmaker pan according to the above sequence. 
3. Select sweet dough gprogram (if you do not have this program, just choose basic) and let the machine knead the dough. (For my Kenwood BM, I select program 4, light crust and 750g loaf) 
4. After the first proofing, which is about two hours before the end of the program, take the dough out onto a lightly floured table and punch it down. (I removed at time 2:13) The dough may be a little sticky but avoid using too much flour when handling otherwise bread will not be as soft. You can also remove the paddle in the bread pan.
5. Divide the dough into 12 pieces. (about 50g each) 
6. Use a roller to roll each piece into a round disc, put the cream cheese & dried cranberries onto each piece, seal the edges tightly. 
7. Place each wrapped dough into the breadmaker pan (sealed edges facing down), six below & six above.

8. Let the breadmaker do the rest of the job.

Note: From step 4-7, please complete preferably within 20 minutes, so that there will be sufficient time for the buns to proof before baking starts. 











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