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Taiwanese Traditional Sponge Cake - Cheese / Pork Floss 台湾古早味蛋糕 - 芝士 / 肉松 (中英加图对照食谱)

(L - cheese flavor, R - pork floss flavor)
(左 -芝士口味,右 -肉松口味)

This Taiwanese Traditional Sponge Cake has been on my to-bake list for a long time. I had experimented and baked it in three flavors - original, cheese and pork floss flavor. My family's favorite is the pork floss flavor as we find it the most delicious as compared to the other two. 

I've wanted to do a blog recipe post on this earlier but my beloved grandmother passed away on 8 October 2017 and I was in deep deep grief being very close to her. Those who have followed me on Baking Taitai's Facebook Page and Instagram would have known about it. I've baked two of her favorite cakes in memory of her as what better way to remember our loved ones through their favorite food. 

Top - Gula Melaka Yoga Cotton Cake (Click HERE for recipe)

Bottom - Healthy Chiffon Pandan Cake (Click HERE for recipe)

My first experiment on this traditional sponge cake was the original flavor. I like the soft, moist, light and fluffy texture. 

For my second experiment, I did both cheese and pork floss flavors. It's a 2-in-1 cake, half cheese and half pork floss. The pork floss is a winner and won all our hearts being the tastiest! For the cheese flavor, you have to eat the cake while hot when the layers of cheddar cheese is melting soft. Otherwise, after the cake has cooled down and cheese hardened, it won't taste as nice. 

Here's sharing my tried and tested recipe with you, do give it a try and let me know which flavor you like best! 

Taiwanese Traditional Sponge Cake - Cheese / Pork Floss 
台湾古早味蛋糕 - 芝士 / 肉松 

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Ingredients 食材:
8" removable square pan 8寸四方活底模 )

Basic Cake 基本蛋糕:
145g Blue Jacket unbleached cake flour 低筋面粉
30g Parmesan cheese powder 芝士粉

120g rice bran oil 米糠油
8 egg yolks 蛋黄
1/4 salt 盐

120g fresh milk 鲜奶

8 egg white 蛋白  

100g caster sugar 细砂糖

Note: Different brand of ingredients have different composites, thus there may be a slight difference in the end result.


Cheese flavor 芝士口味:
8 sliced cheddar cheese 芝士片
Parmesan cheese powder 少许芝士粉 
(sprinkle on surface 撒在蛋糕表面)

Pork floss flavor 肉松口味:

200g pork floss 肉松
white sesame seeds 白芝麻 (sprinkle on surface 撒在蛋糕表面)
diced spring onion 切碎青葱 (sprinkle on surface 撒在蛋糕表面)

* I did half cheese flavor and half pork floss flavor,我做一半芝士口味,一半肉松口味。)

Preparations 准备:
1. Grease the inner sides and bottom of the baking mould before laying a piece of baking paper on the base.
1. 烤模内涂一层油,模底铺上烤纸。

2. Mix the flour and Parmesan cheese powder well together, set aside. 
2. 面粉与芝士粉混合均匀,备用。

Methods 做法 :

1. Heat the oil in a small saucepan using low fire till lines appear before turning off heat. Pour in the flour mixture, stir quickly and mix well. Set aside the cooked dough.

1. 将油倒入小锅里用小火加热至出现纹路后熄火,倒入面粉混合物以快速搅拌均匀成为烫面糊,备用。

2. Mix the egg yolks, salt and milk well together before adding the cooked dough done earlier and mix till well combined.

2. 蛋黄,盐和鲜奶搅拌均匀后,加入之前做的烫面糊,搅拌均匀。

3. Beat the egg whites till firm peak, adding the sugar in 1/3 at a time.

3. 打发蛋白至中性发泡,细砂糖分三次加入。

4. Add the meringue into the egg yolk mixture 1/3 at a time, each time gently mixed well before adding the next.

4. 蛋白霜分三次加入蛋黄糊里,每次轻轻搅拌均匀后再加入。

5. Pour 1/3 of cake batter into the cake mould, place sliced cheddar cheese or pork floss on it before pouring another 1/3 cake batter in, Place another layer of sliced cheddar cheese or pork floss before pouring in the remaining 1/3 cake batter. (I did half cheese and half pork floss)

5. 先倒1/3的蛋糕糊入四方模,排上芝士片或肉松后再倒入1/3的蛋糕糊。

6. Sprinkle Parmesan cheese powder or Pork floss, white sesame seeds and diced spring onions on the surface depending on which flavor you are baking. 

6. 根据做的口味,在蛋糕表面撒上芝士粉或肉松,白芝麻与切碎青葱。

7. Put into preheated oven, using water bath to bake at 150 degrees Celcius top/bottom heat for 20 minutes then reduce temperature to 130 degrees Celcius and continue baking for another 45 minutes.  (Please adjust temperature and timing according to your own oven.)

7. 放入预热烤箱,用水浴法以150摄氏度上下火烤约20分钟,再把温度调低到130摄氏度继续烤45分钟。

8. After baking is done, leave oven door ajar, remove cake from oven after 5 minutes. Remove cake from mould and cut cake into neat slices.
8. 烤好后,

My family's favorite! 

Can you spot the two layers of cheddar cheese? 

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