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Cranberry Orange Pistachio Bread 蔓越莓橘子开心果面包 (中英加图对照食谱)

I have kept my promise in my previous post to share bread recipes using my new 'toy' - Thermomix TM5 which is super efficient in kneading the bread dough to window pane stage in just mere 6 minutes as compared to my breadmaker which takes about 30 to 40 minutes to knead until window pane stage! 

我的新玩具‘小美’ (美善品)真的是我的好帮手,在短短的6分钟就能搓成可拉出稍具透明薄膜状的面团了!

Really love my Thermomix as it is a time saver especially for busy mums like me!
If you are interested, you may contact my Thermomix consultant, Phyllis at (65) 93889470 to enquire more about this amazing kitchen appliance.

Today I'm sharing this super soft, fluffy fruit and nut bread with you and hope you will like it as much as I do. The whole house was filled with orange fragrance when it was baking in the oven! 


Cranberry Orange Pistachio Bread 

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Ingredients 食材 (A) : 
90ml freshly squeeze orange juice 鲜榨橘子汁
30ml fresh milk 鲜奶 
2 egg yolks 蛋黄
45g sugar 糖
1/4 tsp salt 盐
250g Blue Jacket bread flour 水手牌面包粉
1 tsp (4g) active dry yeast 即溶酵母粉

Ingredients 食材 (B) : 
35g unsalted butter 无盐奶油
20g orange zest 橘子皮屑

Ingredients 食材 (C) :
50g pistachio 开心果
40g dried cranberry 干蔓越莓

Note: Different brand of ingredients have different composites, thus there may be a slight difference in the end result.

Preparation 准备:
Wash oranges well to remove pesticides from the surface. Use a fine grater to zest the oranges. Squeeze out orange juice. Set aside.


Methods 作法: (If you do not own a Thermomix, you can always use your usual method of kneading the bread dough to achieve the different stages as described. 没有美善品的读者们,可用你平常做面包面团的方法,来达到面团的不同阶段。)

Click 'HERE' to watch a ShareFood Singapore FB video showing this recipe done with other mixer.
点击‘’ 看ShareFoodSingapore 用其它搅拌机来试做这食谱的FB视屏。

1. Chopped ingredients (C) into smaller pieces. Set aside. (Thermomix Time: 3 sec, Speed: 7 )
1. 食材(C) 切碎,备用。(美善品 时间: 3秒, 速度: 7)

2. Put ingredients (A) in sequence into bowl and mix well. (Thermomix Time: 10 sec, Speed: 3)
2. 依序放入食材 (A) , 混合均匀。(美善品 时间: 10秒, 速度: 3) 

3. Knead dough till elastic. (Thermomix Time: 3 min, Kneading function)
3. 面团搓揉直到有面筋。(美善品 时间: 3分, 揉面功能) 

4. Add butter and orange zest, continue to knead until window pane stage. (Thermomix Time: 3 min, Kneading function)
4. 加入奶油和橙皮屑,搓揉成可拉出稍具透明薄膜状的面团。(美善品 时间: 3分, 揉面功能)

5. Put dough into a container and cover with a wet cloth. Primary fermentation 60 minutes. 
5. 面团放入容器内并盖上湿布,进行基本发酵60 分钟。

6. Punch dough down to release air. Shape round, cover and bench rest 15 minutes.
6. 面团排气,滚圆,盖湿布,松弛15分钟。

7. Roll dough out on a floured pastry mat into a 36cm by 24cm rectangle. Flipped dough over, sprinkle with chopped cranberry and pistachio evenly. Roll dough up, pinch edges and seal tightly.
7. 将面团擀成36厘米,宽约24厘米的长方形。翻面后,铺上均匀的蔓越莓与开心果碎,卷成圆柱体, 并将面团尾端黏贴紧。

8. Cut into 7 slices and place in bread casing to go through final fermentation 50 minutes in the oven. (Oven is not on at this stage) 
8. 切割成7份, 放入纸膜并入烤箱进行最后发酵50分钟。(这个阶段烤箱还不需要开电。)

9. Remove from oven after the final fermentation. Preheat oven top and bottom heat fan forced at 190°C. Brush the surface evenly with egg washed. 
9. 发酵完成后,从烤箱拿出。烤箱预热190摄氏度上下火旋风功能。面团表面均匀刷上蛋液。

10. Bake in preheated oven for about 9-10 minutes. (The cooking temperature as suggested in all my recipes serve as a guideline. Every oven has different thermostat, you may have to adjust the temperature and timing to suit your oven. )
10. 放入预热烤箱中,烘烤约9-10分钟。 (食谱里的烘烤温度和时间只是供参考,每一架烤炉的恒温器都不同,请自己调适。)

11. Remove from oven, transfer to cool on wiring rack. 
11. 面包从烤箱取出, 转移凉网冷却。

Note 注:
1) After bread has cooled down completely, please store in an air-tight container, otherwise moisture will be lost and bread will become dense and hard. Best consume within the day.
1) 面包出炉冷却,如果继续暴露在空气中会渐渐失去水份,表皮变干硬,内部组织出现粗燥现象。需密封保存,当日享用最佳。

2) Or store in freezer to maintain freshness and prevent aging. Before consuming, thawed to room temperature and bake in preheated oven 120°C for 5-10 minutes and bread texture will resume will as soft as before.
2) 或密封后冷冻保存,可防止老化并确保面包的新鲜度。食用前,面包先回温,放入预热烤箱120°C烘烤约5-10分钟,就可恢复面包的柔软度与口感。

Bread is so soft and fluffy!

Updated on 16 Feb 2017
Phyllis is quick to try out this recipe today and happy to know that she has done it successfully and here is her bake photo and feedback. 

Phyllis 手脚好快,今天试做了并与我分享。好高兴她和孩子们都很喜欢这橘子香的柔软面包!

Phyllis says," The orange zest infused strongly and the orange juice gave a beautiful colour to the lovely soft and fluffy bread. I like the bread overall especially the orangy taste. My children love it too!"

Updated on 16 March 2017
Milkmaid Lee tried this recipe and here's her feedback: "This is a Super nice refreshing bread with golden colour! After taken the 1st bun, you will be wanting more, can't stop eating! "  

Milkmaid Lee 说:“这面包超好吃的,吃起来清爽美味!吃了一个,还会想要多吃呢!”

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