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Bak Kwa Cookies 肉干曲奇 (中英加图对照食谱)


Today is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. In two days time, it will mark the seventh day of the first month on the Lunar calendar, traditionally known as 'Renri' (人日)which means the common man's birthday and everyone grows one year older. Coincidentally, 14 February is also the western Valentine's Day. 

I have made some heart-shaped bak kwa (pork jerky) cookies specially for my dear hubby. Bak Kwa is a traditional and popular Chinese New Year snack food in Singapore and Malaysia to welcome the prosperity of the coming year and are often bought as lavish gifts for friends and family. Due to a super busy schedule, I do not have the time to prepare my own Homemade Bak Kwa this year. I have used store-bought ones for this recipe and the savoury cookies turned out to be flavorful and tasty. Do give it a try when you have the time. Here's wishing everyone an advance 'Happy Birthday' and 'Happy Valentine's Day'! 


Bak Kwa (Pork Jerky) Cookies 

125g​ unsalted butter, softened​ at room temperature​
35g ​caster​ sugar
​2 egg​ yolks ​
1/2​ ​tsp ​v​anilla extract
​180​g ​plain flour (I used Blue Jacket unbleached all purpose flour)
20g corn flour
1/4 tsp baking soda​ (amended)  
80g ​bak ​k​wa, ​cut into small bits *

*can use store-bought bak kwa (pork jerky) or homemade bak kwa (click 'HERE' for recipe)

125克 无盐奶油, 室温软化
35克 细砂糖
2粒 蛋黄
1/2茶匙 纯香草精
180克 中筋面粉 (我用水手牌超级粉心粉
20克 蜀粉
1/4 茶匙 苏打粉(修改)

80克 肉干,切成小粒状 * 

*可用商店购买的或自制的 (点击‘’看自制肉干食谱和做法)

Method 方法:
1. Mix the plain flour, corn flour and baking soda well together. Set aside. 

1. 中筋面粉,蜀粉和苏打粉搅拌均匀,备用。

2. Use an electric mixer to mix the butter and sugar till light and fluffy with medium speed.
2. 电子搅拌器用中速将奶油和糖搅打致轻又蓬松。

3. Reduce mixer speed from medium to slow. Add the vanilla and egg yolks in gradually and mix till well combined.
3. 将电子搅拌器速度调慢,逐渐加入香草与蛋黄,搅拌均匀。

4. Add the flour mixture in two additions, use a silicon spatula to mix well and form a rough dough. 
4. 分两次加入面粉,用硅胶刮刀大概搅拌成一团。 

5. Add in the bak kwa bits. Use hand to mix in thoroughly.
5. 加入肉干粒,用手拌均。

6. Shape the dough into balls or as desired and place it on a baking tray. (Each heart/square dough is about 16g and each
 round ball dough is about 10g,
6. 面团搓成小球或放入饼干模,整齐排放在烤盘上。(心形/方型面团16克,小球面团10克)

7. Bake in a preheated oven at 150 degree Celsius fan forced for 18~20 minutes or until surface turned slightly brown. ( If baking in the cookie moulds, after one side has been baked for 12 mins, turn over to the other side and continue to bake for further 10 mins) 
7. 放入预热烤箱以150摄氏度风扇强制烤约18~20分钟或至表面稍微变金黄色即可。(如果面团放入饼干模烘焙,一面先烘烤12分钟再翻过来继续烘烤约10分钟即可。)

8. Remove from oven, cool completely before storing in an air tight container.
8. 从烤箱取出,完全凉透才可放入密封盒保存。


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Update: Jan 2017
This recipe is featured in 'Savour', our local supermarket, Cold Storage in-house magazine, Jan/Feb 2017 issue.  

Cold Storage 超市的的内部双月刊 (一月/二月 2017)‘Savour’ 杂志里,有我的肉干酥饼食谱哦!

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Wynnie Tan said...

Hi! I am wondering if I can just shape the bak kwa cookies with the mould and bake without the mould? Thank you!

Cheryl - Bakingtaitai 烘焙太太 said...

Hi Wynnie, no problem to to bake without the mould. You can even roll the dough flat about 1cm and use cookie cutter to cut out shapes. ;)

Wynnie Tan said...

Thanks, Cheryl! Will try out this recipe :)

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