Monday 9 November 2015

Healthy Oat Milk Pudding 健康燕麦牛奶布丁(中英加图对照食谱)

My teenage girl has a love for anything oats, so I made this quick, simple and healthy oat milk pudding for her and she loves it as much as the Matcha healthy milk pudding which I have made for her previously. You can click 'here' for the recipe if you would like to try it too. :) 

Healthy Oat Milk Pudding 

Ingredients: (makes 8 pudding bottles)
650ml sweetened oat milk (I used Magnolia Oat Plus Lo-Fat Hi-Cal milk)
40g brown sugar (please increase the amount of sugar if you are using unsweetened oat milk) 

tsp gelatin powder
4 tbsp water

Note: Different brand of ingredients have different composites, thus there may be a slight difference in the end result. 

650毫升 加糖的麦片牛奶(我用加糖的麦片低脂高钙牛奶) 
40 克 黑糖 (如果用的是无糖麦片牛奶,就要增加份量) 
小勺 明胶粉
4 大勺 水

注: 不同品牌的材料有不同的复合材料,所以最终成品有可能稍有不同。

Method 方法:
1. In a small bowl, soak and soften the gelatin in water. Set aside. 


2. Stir 300ml milk and brown sugar using medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and mixture is almost boiling. 
2。300毫升牛奶和黑糖以中火搅半至糖融化 ,牛奶稍微煮滚即可。

3. Lower the heat, add in the bloom gelatin and mix till it dissolves into the mixture. Turn off heat.

4. Add in the remaining 350ml milk, stir and mix well.
4。加入剩余的 350毫升牛奶,搅拌混合均匀。

5. Transfer the mixture into pudding moulds or bottles and let cooled. 

I pour the mixture into my Tovolo cupcake pen for easier transferring into the small pudding bottles. 

6. Chill to set the pudding in the refrigerator for a few hours before serving. 

(optional: serve with grinded pure vanila bean toppings


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Verricelli said...

Hi , can i know where did you get the bottles ?

Baking Taitai said...

I used recycled bottles of premium milk pudding from Hokkaido.