Thursday 8 October 2015

Nutella Ogura Cake 巧克力榛子酱相思蛋糕 (中英加图对照食谱)

My first attempt of baking an ogura cake - Ogura Colour De Quad cake was few months back and I like the way it turned out with four different colours using all natural colourings like blue pea flower, beet root powder and matcha powder. This time I decided to try Nutella flavour as I was craving for a chocolate cake. It turned out to be soft, super moist and chocolatey. I am giving myself two thumbs up for this cake as it is super delicious and I highly recommend you to try it!   

几个月第一次做相思蛋糕,用了全天然色素(紫蝶豆花,甜菜根和抹茶)做了四色相思。 这次用了巧克力榛子酱做了这超柔软,超湿润,超好吃的巧克力榛子酱相思蛋糕,强力推荐给您!

I have also used coconut oil for this recipe, do take a look at the benefits consuming it. 


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Nutella Ogura Cake 
(recipe modified and adapted from here)


100g fresh milk
250g nutella

5 large cold egg yolk + 1 whole egg (I used eggs weighing 70g each)
60g premium coconut oil (can be replaced with other vegetable oil) 

55g cake flour (I used premium Blue Jacket cake flour)

20g dutched-processed cocoa powder (eg. Valrhona) 

5 large cold egg white 
(I used eggs weighing 70g each)
50g caster sugar



100克  鲜奶 
250克 巧克力榛子酱


5颗 冷蛋黄 + 1颗 全蛋(我用重量70克的鸡蛋)
60克 优质椰子油 (可以用其他植物油取代)
55克 低筋面粉(我用水手牌超级蛋糕粉) 
20克 碱化无糖可可粉 

5颗 冷蛋白 (我用70克重量的鸡蛋)
50克 细砂糖

Method 做法:

1. Lay baking paper all around the interior of an 18cm x 18cm square (or 8 inch round pan) baking mould then cover around the exterior with *4 layers of aluminum foil. This is to prevent water getting into the mould as cake is baked using the water bath method. Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius. 

*I have tested many times, protecting with 4 layers is the safest as all first 3 layers will have water seeping through, the 4th layer remained dry. If water has seeped into the cake mould, there will be a layer of hard custard which is kueh-like.

1。在18cm x 18cm四方烤摸(或八寸圆模)周围铺上油纸后,在模外包*四层锡纸,以防水进入模内。蛋糕是用水浴法(隔水加热烘烤)烤的。烤箱预热160摄氏度。


2. Sift the cocoa powder and cake flour together. Mix well and set aside.


3. Bring milk to a slight boil and off heat immediately. Stir in the nutella until well mixed. Set aside to cool.


4. Beat the egg yolks & whole egg briefly, then mix in the oil followed by nutella mixture, mixed well before folding in the flour mixture. Set aside.


5. Beat the egg whites till foamy stage, add the sugar in three additions and beat till stiff peak.


6. Add the meringue into the egg yolk batter 1/3 at a time, each time gently mixed well before adding the next. When done, pour the batter into the baking mould. Drop the baking mould gently on the table to remove any big air bubbles.


7. Fill hot water up to 70% of the outer baking pan or up to 1/3 of baking mould.


8. Put into preheated oven mid bottom rack , using water bath, bake at 160 degree Celsius for 40 minutes before lowering temperature to 140 degrees Celsius and continue baking for about 30 minutes, insert a skewer which comes out clean, the cake is done.


9. Remove the baking pan from oven, take out the baking mould and drop it 7 inch above the table top, 3 times to prevent excessive shrinking of the cake when cooled down. Invert the cake on a wiring rack to cool down. Consume cake after it has cooled down or chilled it for an even better taste.


I sprinkled some icing sugar and Lindt dark chocolate flakes on the surface. 
Look at how moist and chocolatey this cake is! 

This recipe can also be baked in an 8 inch round pan. 

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Unknown said...

Looks yummy :)
Can i just bake it normally without the water bath?

Bakericious said...

I love to use coconut oil in baking too. the chocolate cake indeed looks luscious.

LoveToCookAndBake said...

Hi, I don't have a removable base 8" square baking tray. Can I use a normal silver one? Temperature and timing remain the same? Do I have to remove the baking paper when the cake is overturned onto the cooling rack? Thanks!

Baking Taitai said...

Yes, you can try with a normal one just make sure that you lay the baking paper higher at all sides. As for the temperature and timing, you will have to adjust according to your oven as every oven has different thermostat. Yes, as seen in my photo in step 9, after the cake is overturned, you need to remove the baking paper.

Baking Taitai said...

No you can't, ogura cake requires a moist cooking environment thus a water bath is needed to achieve a moist cake without a cracked top.

Zoe said...

OMG! Cheryl, Your nutella ogura cake looks so moist and yummy!

Now that I'm baking with my new oven, I'm more confident with more ogura cake baking :p


wvfy said...

I would like to use coconut oil in my bakes too... just curious , does it give some coconutty taste to the cake ? thks !

Baking Taitai said...

Hi wvfy, I only use premium coconut oil or organic extra virgin oil for my baking and it does not change the taste of my bake, you can't taste any coconut at all and the health benefits are plentiful!

Unknown said...

Oh Cheryl... How beautiful is this cake... I couldn't find any coconut oil in my pantry so I used rice bran oil. But followed your recipe very carefully. John loved it and couldn't get enough! Thank you. ..

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Joanna, rice bran oil is a good substitute. This is one of my favourite cake and I can't get enough of it too! Thank you for your nice feedback. :)

Unknown said...

Can I make them into muffins or cupcake style? What adjustments do I need to take care of?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Tanny, sorry for the late reply as I just return from overseas after a month's vacation. No, you can't make it in cupcake form.

ying ying said...

Hi, does the coconut oil on it own have a strong coconut flavour? I have a bottle of EVCO that my mum used to fry vegetables with and it gave it a strong coconut taste :( So I'm wondering if I were to use it in this recipe, would it give a strong coconut taste as well?
Also, can I use a 8" round pan instead of a square one? Or a 9" will be better?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi ying ying, the brand that I've used for this recipe does not have a strong coconut flavour. The EVCO which I have used for my latest blog recipe has a strong coconut flavour. You can try with a an 8", can't advise you if 9" is better as it depends on the depth of your pan. For example, I have three 8" round pans but all with different height/depth, the deepest 8" pan actually requires double the amount of ingredients used for the shallowest 8" pan.

Unknown said...

Dear Cheryl,do you need to grease the paper? After baking, do you leave the cake in the tin to cool down before inverting the tin on the rack?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Joyce, I don't have to grease the baking paper as the one I'm using is non-stick. I inverted the cake onto the wiring rack after dropping the pan 3 times.

~>0r@nG3<~ said...

hi, why is my ogura cake shrink when i trying to bake this. is't because the tray is not suitable?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi, it is normal for ogura cake to shrink a little after cooled down. If it shrink too much, then there are other reasons like your meringue has deflated, undermix, overmix etc. etc. I do not know what tray you are talking about when you say not suitable.

Unknown said...

Hi Cheryl, I made this cake with my brand new pushpan, as it works on basically the same princle - waterbath. It seems to work. Looks beautiful, I am so curious how it be unside. Will have to wait till dinner time now. Thanks...

Unknown said...

Hi! I usually bake cakes and biscuits at 180 degrees in my oven. Can i bake this cake at 180 degrees first and lower the temperature or follow your instructions. Thank You.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Chitra Munusamy, the temperature and timing stated on recipes are usually suggestions which you can definitely adjust according to your own oven.

Unknown said...

Hi I tried but there's a jelly layer at the bottom of my cake. Why?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Dean, possible reasons could be under or over mixing or water has leaked into the cake mould.