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Milo Ferrero Rocher Swiss Roll 美禄金沙巧克力卷 (中英加图对照食谱)

Last week was a hectic week for me, visiting the hospital almost everyday! (you will know why if you have read my last post.) I am glad that the week ended well with good celebration of the mid-autumn festival with the extended family. 

To support my blogger friend, Zoe of Bake for Happy Kids, who is the host of this month Little Thumbs Up - Milo theme, I have actually come up with this Milo swiss roll recipe two weeks back but have no time to blog about it until now. 

I love Milo since young especially the Australian recipe which is tastier and more fragrant. Do you know how I like to enjoy my Milo? I usually put a few heaps of Milo powder in my glass of fresh milk, give it a slight stir before scooping up the clumps of Milo to eat, it's really shiok! ('Shiok' is a common slang word used in Singapore and Malaysia to express happiness, strong pleasure or tingling taste buds with regards of food)  

AsI have a box of Ferror Rocher chocolate sitting in the fridge, I decided to use it for the swiss roll fillings. I am delighted that the crushed hazelnuts, chocolate and wafer cream fillings turned out to be super delicious and it blended so well with the Milo swiss roll! My fussy hubby and kids gave a big thumbs up for this new creation. :) 

I have also used organic extra virgin coconut oil in this recipe and here's sharing the health benefits of it. 

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Milo Ferrero Rocher Swiss Roll 

Ingredients for Ferrero Rocher filling: 
130g dairy whipping cream(I used whipping cream with 38% fat )
12 balls of Ferrero Rocher
1 tsp Milo (I prefer Australian recipe Milo which is tastier and more fragrant) 

130克  动物性鲜奶油 (我用含有38%脂肪的鲜奶油)
12 粒 金沙巧克力
1 小勺 美禄巧克力粉  (我用澳洲配方的美禄比较美味

Method for making Ferrero Rocher filling 金沙巧克力做法:
1. Put the 12 balls of Ferrero Rocher into a zip-lock bag. Use a rolling pin to crush the balls into small pieces, pour into a bowl and add the teaspoon of milo in. 

2. Use an electric mixer to beat the whipping cream till firm peak. 

3. Mix the whipped cream with the crushed ferrero rocher and milo powder until well combined. Chill in the fridge. 

Ingredients for milo cake : (baking pan - 28cm x 35cm) 
4 egg yolk  (I used 3 huge eggs each weighing 80g) 
10g caster sugar 
25g vegetable oil, any type (I used healthy organic extra virgin coconut oil) 
45g milk
45g cake flour  (I used premium Blue Jacket cake flour
40g milo powder 


4 egg white (I used 3 huge eggs each weighing 80g) 
1 tsp (5g) lemon juice 
20g caster sugar 

美禄蛋糕食材: (烤盘 - 28cm x 35cm) 
4颗  蛋黄 (我用3颗超大粒的80克蛋)
10克 细砂糖 
25克 任何植物油 (我用健康的有机特级初榨椰子油)
45克 鲜奶 
45克 低筋面粉 用优质水手牌蛋糕粉
40克 美禄巧克力粉


4颗  蛋白 (我用3颗超大粒的80克蛋)
一小勺 /5克  柠檬汁
20克 细砂糖 

Method for making milo cake 美禄蛋糕做法:
1. Sift the flour and milo powder together. Mix well and set aside. 

2. Beat the sugar with egg yolks until it dissolves. Add in the oil gradually, mix well before adding in the milk, beat till well combined.

3. Mix the flour mixture in 2 addition into the egg yolk mixture till no flour is seen. Set aside. 

4. Beat the egg white till bubble stage, add in the lemon juice and sugar gradually and beat till firm peak. (firm peak is in between soft and stiff peak)  
4。蛋白搅打至呈现细泡沫,加入柠檬汁与糖 (分次加入)打成尾端稍微弯曲的蛋白霜。(介于湿性发泡与干性发泡间)

5. Add the meringue into the egg yolk batter 1/3 at a time, each time gently mixed well before adding the next. When done, pour the batter into the baking pan laid with baking paper, smoothen the surface.  

6. Bang the baking pan a few times on the worktop to deflat big air bubbles. Put into a preheated oven at 170 degree Celcius top/bottom heat and bake for about 12~15 minutes. 

7. Remove the cake from the oven, transfer to a wire rack, peel open the sides of the baking paper to cool the cake. Put another piece of baking paper on it, flipped it over and peel off the top baking paper.   

8. Take the ferrero rocher fillings out from the fridge and spread it evenly on the cake surface before rolling it up. Wrap the whole cake with baking paper and put into a plastic bag before putting it into the freezer to chill hard before cutting. 

9. Trim both sides, ready to serve. 

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The cooking temperature as suggested in all my recipes serve as a guideline. Every oven has different thermostat, you may have to adjust the temperature and timing to suit your oven. Different brand of ingredients have different composites, thus there may be a slight difference in the end result.  食谱里的烘烤温度和时间只是供参考,每一架烤炉的恒温器都不同,请自己调适。不同品牌的材料有不同的复合材料,所以最终成品有可能稍有不同。

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