Monday 21 September 2015

Quick & Easy Breadmaker French Loaf 简易法式面包机食谱(中英加图对照食谱)

This is my first time using Baguette flour to bake and I love the taste and texture of the french loaf which this flour has yielded. The baguette flour besides suitable for making baguettes & french loaf, it is also suitable for sourdough and all types of crusty artisan bread as it is able to give a rich flavour, crusty outer layer and great inner holes. 

My hubby who loves artisan bread gave a big thumbs up for this french loaf using the baguette flour as he loves the texture so much more compared to the Breadmaker Wholemeal French Loaf which I have baked using bread flour previously. I foresee myself to be baking bread more with this baguette flour to please my other half. ;) 

Click 'HERE' for the list of stores where you can buy this baguette flour. 

Quick & Easy Breadmaker French Loaf 
(中文食谱取自“我爱面包机”烘焙书, English recipe translated by baking taitai

Ingredients: (750g loaf) 
375g plain or baguette flour (I used Blue Jacket baguette flour
8g sugar
7g salt
4g active dry yeast
278ml water
15g unsalted butter

375克 中筋面粉或法国面粉  (我用水手牌法国面粉
8克 糖
7克 盐
4克 活性干酵母
278毫升 水
15克 无盐奶油

Method 做法:

1. Place water first follow by dry ingredients in sequence (except butter) into the breadmaker pan.  (Note: Place sugar on the left side and salt on the right side. Make an indention at the centre of the flour and add instant yeast, ensure that it does not touch the wet ingredient below.)


2. Select 'French' program, loaf size and crust colour on your breadmaker. 


3. Press start, it will knead for a few minutes before it stops. Add butter at this stage.


4. Let machine do the rest of the work. (I remove the dough paddle at the last stage of kneading so that the bottom of the loaf will not have a big hole. Just before baking starts, I sprinkle some bread flour on the top of the bread dough). 


5. Remove from breadmaker when the program ends and transfer the bread to cool on a wiring rack for at least half an hour before slicing. 

5。程序结束后,将面包取出面包机,转移到架子上冷却至少半小时, 再切片。

6. Toast the skin crusty for a better taste before serving. 


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BabeTanya said...

I'm baking a 500g loaf, how do I adjust the quantity of the ingredients?


Baking Taitai said...

Hi BabeTanya, for 500g loaf, just use 2/3 ingredients will do.