Friday 20 June 2014

Easy ABC Fruits Crumble 简易水果金宝 (中英食谱教程)

Few days ago, when I saw Ann's easy apple crumble at her blog, I bookmarked it right away. Firstly, I have not bake any crumble before and secondly, it is the easiest crumble recipe that I have ever come across. Being a busy mum, I am always in search for a quick and simple recipe which will come in handy anytime. 

Two mornings ago, my son woke up and told me that he wants to eat bread for breakfast and I am glad that I have this 'Amazing 40 minutes bread recipe' on hand which saves the day. In less than an hour, I churn out a batch of buns with matcha lotus paste filling for him and he is a happy boy! 

Yesterday, I used this simple apple crumble recipe to try out 4 different fruits crumble using Apple, Banana, Blueberry and Cherry. I named it ABC fruit crumble as it is as easy as ABC and also the acronym of the fruit names. The crumbles were so delicious that my 2 kids and I finished all within minutes! We were actually craving for more and wish I had made double portions! (sounds greedy huh?) Thanks Ann for such a delicious and simple recipe! 

前几天在Ann的部落格看到她分享的简易苹果金宝,马上把食谱记下来。从来没做过金宝的我,看到这么简单又好吃的食谱,当然不会放过啦!昨天,改篇了这食谱,做了四种水果金宝。 烤好后,拍了照片,我和两个孩子不到几分钟就把全部的金宝吃光光了!烤得脆脆的上层和里头暖暖软软的水果,吃起来有大大的满足感!告诉你,其实我们还嫌吃不够呢。。。呵呵!

Easy ABC Fruits Crumble 
(adapted from Anncoojournal)

Ingredients食料 :
(makes 4 ramekins with 9.5cm diametre 可做四个直径9.5cm的焗杯)
A punnet of ABC fruits

Preparation of Fruits (you can replaced with whatever fruits you like) 
1 apple (peel, core and slice into 8 wedges)
1 banana (cut into slices of about 1.5cm thickness)
80g blueberries
15 cherries (cut into halves and pit removed)
1 tsp sugar (I sprinkle half tsp on apple and half tsp on cherry) 
1 pinch cinnamon powder (mix into apple)
1 pinch salt (mix into apple)

1 粒苹果(去皮,核,切成8片) 
1 条香蕉(切成约1.5cm厚片) 
80克 蓝莓 
15 粒樱桃(切半,取出核) 

For making crumble
35g brown sugar
45g rolled oats
70g plain flour
g unsalted butter (cut to cubes)

35克 赤糖 
45克 燕麦片 
70克 中筋面粉 

克 无盐牛油(切成方块)


1. Grease the ramekins. (I used canola oil spray, you can also grease it with butter.) 


2. Put the prepared fruits into each ramekin. 

3. Using your finger tips, rub the brown sugar, rolled oats, plain flour and butter together into crumble.


4. P
lace the crumble on top of the fruits and bake in preheated oven at 170 degree Celsius top and bottom heat for 20 minutes or until golden brown.

Note: I made more crumble than Ann's recipe as I know my kids will love more of this crunchy top. 

Take your pick! 

Feedback given by reader who has tried out this recipe:

ShiauWay says she has added walnuts to it and her kids love it!

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Bakericious said...

Cheryl, you and Ann are fast, I bookmarked but still have not try out yet, looks so nice with so many kind of fruits.

Little blue said...


Victoria Bakes said...

this is an amazing 3 step crumble... 1, 2, 3 and bake!! i want this when i'm back ok?

p.s. did i tell you i love your oven?

Jozelyn Ng said...

Cheryl...your ABC crumbles really looks as easy as ABC...
Thanks for linking with LTU!

ann low said...

Cheryl, I like your ABC crumbles. Hope I can have them all for myself.... more greedy than you :D
Thanks for the mention :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

This sound healthy and good!

Zoe said...

Hi Cheryl,

I saw this recipe at Ann's blog too. These fruity crumbles are truly as easy to bake as ABC and as delicious as you want them to be :D


Noob Cook said...

wow I'm loving all your bakes here! and the detailed photos are great too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! I want to try these delicious n healthy crumbles but i do not have ramekins. Wat can i use instead?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Siew Gek, you can use glass baking dish, disposable aluminium moulds etc. to bake it too.

Anonymous said...

Hi cheryl! thanks for the reply tips :D