Wednesday 23 April 2014

Peach Cheese Tart 蜜桃芝士挞 (中英食谱教程)

This healthy Peach Cheese Tarts recipe originally uses sour cream as one of the ingredient. For a healthier choice, I have replaced it with Greek Yogurt. These fruity Cheese Tarts is really appetizing and great for an after meal dessert. 

Peach Cheese Tart 蜜桃芝士挞

Ingredients:(makes twelve 5cm and ten 7cm tarts)

For Tart Pastry: 
200g Cake Flour
120g Unsalted Butter (soften at room temperature)
60g Icing Sugar
1 Egg Yolk 

For Fillings:
220g Cream Cheese
100g Greek Yogurt
50g Caster Sugar
2 tablespoon Apple juice from the fruit cup

4 Peach Fruit Cups

材料: (可做十二个5厘米和十个7厘米的挞)

200克 低筋面粉

220克 奶油奶酪 
100克 希腊酸奶 
50克 砂糖 
2大汤匙 水果杯的苹果汁 

4 杯 蜜桃水果杯

Methods 方法:

1. Seive cake flour. Set aside.
1。低筋面粉筛匀, 备用。

2. Use an electric mixer, beat the butter and sugar until smooth. Add in egg yolk and continue to beat till well combined. 

3. Fold in the flour and knead into a a dough. Wrap the dough using a cling wrap and refrigerate for at least an hour.

4. Take the dough out, divide into balls of 14g for 5cm tart moulds and 23g for 7cm tart moulds. (make sure you grease the tart moulds first)
4。取出面团,分成14克的挞皮做5厘米的挞,分成23克的挞皮做7厘米的挞 (记得挞模要扫油,烤后才容易把挞倒出来)

5. Press one tart crust into each mould. Press the edges of the crust gently to fit the moulds. Refrigerated for 30 minutes.

6. Prick holes on the tart crusts with a fork. Bake in preheated oven 180 degrees bottom heat for 10 to 15 minutes until golden colour. (For my brandt oven FP 1067 XS,I used the bottom pulsed element function which is great for baking tart base and baked for 10 minutes.)

7. Unmould and leave them to cool on the cooling racks. 
7。从烤炉取出后,倒出挞皮, 放在凉网散热。 

8. Use the electric mixer to beat the cream cheese and icing sugar until smooth. Then add in the yogurt and apple juice and beat till well combined. 
8。用电动搅拌器把奶油奶酪和砂糖打至滑, 再加入酸奶和苹果汁, 搅拌均匀。

9. Divide the filling among the tarts. Drain the peach fruit chunks and arrange it on the tarts. Serve chilled for better taste!  
9。馅料分盛挞中,杯子蜜桃过滤,摆在挞上, 即成美味甜点。冷藏后更好吃!

Recipe is adapted and modified from 'Slimming Dessert' baking book. Photos are personally taken with an iphone, sometimes with just one hand while working with the other. 

“It takes time and effort to compose or translate recipes, I would appreciate it if you do not copy and pass it off as your own recipe. If you wish to share or adapt any of the recipes that I have posted in this blog, please provide a link back to the relevant post here. Thank you.”

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