Thursday 30 January 2014

‘心太软’巧克力蛋糕 Molten Lava Chocolate Cake Tutorial Recipe (中英食谱教程)

The Molten Lava Chocolate Cake also known as the Fondant Au Chocolat cake has been on my to-bake list for a long time. As the list kept growing longer and longer, I haven't got a chance to try it as there is always something else which took priority instead. I finally thought about it when my dear hubby requested for a non-creamy cake for his birthday.
Molten Lava Cake is a popular french dessert which can be made easily at home. This awfully delicious cake has a runny texture which oozes out from the centre when it is cut open. This dessert was claimed to be invented by a French chef and chocolatier, Jacques Torres, who accidentally under-baked a chocolate sponge cake and served it to his customers. The cake was served warm with a good taste and good texture that it was very well received. This mistake became today's popular molten lava cake and it is usually baked in ramekin dishes. It has four main ingredients: egg, sugar, chocolate and butter. The butter and chocolate are melted together, while the eggs and sugar are whisked together to form a thick paste. The finished product is usually dust with some icing sugar to enhance the flavour and you may serve it with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. 

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake (Fondant au Chocolate
(Tutorial Recipe)
软心巧克力蛋糕 (谱教程)

Ingredients: (makes 2 ramekins with 9.5cm diametre)
2 Eggs
30g Castor sugar
100g Dark Chocolate (I use Lindt 85% dark chocolate)
80g Unsalted butter
36g Cake Flour
10g Unsweetened Cocoa powder (I use French Cacao Barry)

2 个鸡蛋
30克 细砂糖
100克 巧克力 (我用Lindt 85%黑巧克力)
80克 无盐奶油
36克 低筋面粉
10克 无糖可可粉 (我用法国Cacao Barry的牌子)

1. Brush the ramekins all over with butter (extra, not from the measured ingredients) and sprinkle a layer of castor sugar (extra, not from the measured ingredients) on it.  
1。焗杯抹一层奶油(份量外),撒上一层 细砂糖(份量外)。

2. Sieve the cake flour and cocoa powder together.

3. Cut the chocolate and butter into smaller pieces, melt using the bain-marie (double boiler) method. (I use Brandt induction hob, no need for a bain-marie, with the ultra low temperature, the chocolate can be melted for hours without scorching and hardening!) 

Because of the ultra low temperature, the chocolate can be melted for hours without getting scorching and hardening.

4. Put the eggs and castor sugar into a stainless steel bowl. Use an electric mixer, start by selecting low speed to mix both ingredients together till combined. 
4。鸡蛋+ 细砂糖放入工作纲盆中,一开始用打蛋器低速将鸡蛋与细砂糖打散并混合均匀。

5. Then increase the speed and beat the mixture until light and fluffy (takes about 8 mins) When you lift up the beater, you can see clear folding marks, the mixture is done. 

6. Pour in the melted chocolate butter mixture and mix well. 

7. Fold in the flour mixture, half a portion at a time. (Do not over-mix to avoid gluten from forming and it will affect the cake texture. )
7。然后将已经过筛的粉类分两次加入, 以切拌方式入混合均匀(不要过度搅拌,避免面粉产生筋性,影响口感)。

8. Pour the mixture into the ramekins and put it into the refrigerator for 15 minutes.

9. Remove from refrigerator and immediately put it into the preheated oven at 170 degrees celcius using top and bottom heat with fan. (for brandt oven, I use the traditional pulsed function) to bake for about 9~10 minutes. 

10. Remove from the ramekins and dust some icing sugar over the cake. Enjoy while it's warm. 

Note: The cake is deliberately slightly under-baked to achieve the runny texture in the centre. However if you over-baked it, you will still get a moist delicious chocolate cake.  

Chinese Recipe is adapted from 胡涓涓's baking book and translated to English for my English readers. Photos are personally taken by baking taitai with an iphone, sometimes with just one hand while working with the other. 

“It takes time and effort to compose or translate recipes, I would appreciate it if you do not copy and pass it off as your own recipe. If you wish to share or adapt any of the recipes that I have posted in this blog, please provide a link back to the relevant post here. Thank you.”


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lker said...

thank you for sharing such a great recipe.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Iker, you are most welcome, hope you find the tips useful. :)

Nadiamummy said...

Hi is the melted chocolate supposed to be cooled down completely before pouring into the egg mixture? Or do we pour in while its still warm?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Nadiamummy,
The temperature of the chocolate and butter is slightly warm after melting in a bowl over a pot of simmering water (double boil method). This is put aside while you move on to Step 4 and 5 to beat up the egg and sugar till light and fluffy (takes about 10 mins in total). When you add in the melted chocolate butter mixture at Step 6, it would have cooled down already. :)

Nadiamummy said...


Wendy Voon said...


Baking Taitai said...

wendybb 你好, 如果用有盐奶油是没问题,只是不同牌子的盐成份不同,怕会影响口感。所以建议还是用无盐的奶油比较安全。 不放可可粉会影响口味,巧克力味道可能没那么浓那么香。如果你觉得ok,可以用面粉代替可可粉的份量。

Unknown said...

May I know how to keep this cake?tq

Baking Taitai said...

Hi K ting yee, this lava cake should be baked and serve right away as it is meant to eat warm and fresh, thus it is not suitable for keeping. If you order this in a restaurant, the chef will only bake it after receiving your order.

Unknown said...

Hello dear! Great recipe to bake for family and friends this Christmas! So thankful I stumbled on your recipe!
One question though - can I prepare the mixture in advance, pour it into the ramekins covered with cling wrap, and keep it refrigerated overnight (or e.g 24 hrs)? And when ready to serve, I just bake them in the oven and serve after? Will it affect the cake and runny texture?
Thank you!

Baking Taitai said...

Hi, sorry for the late reply as I just return from overseas after a month's vacation. No problem to prepare the cake mixture in advance and bake it when ready to serve. It will definitely have the lava effect as long as you do not over-baked it.

BabyTwins For Life. said...

Hi, does the baking tin affect the texture of the cake?

Baking Taitai said...

@BabyTwinsForLife, yes it does.