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Caramel Pudding Cake 焦糖布丁蛋糕 (中英食谱教程)

The caramel pudding cake is a cake with three different textures. It reminds me of the Matcha Magic Custard Cake which I made sometime ago. The method of making these two cakes differ totally. The caramel pudding cake has a caramel top followed by pudding and a sponge cake base, It is a delectable cake which you would not stop after a mouthful and best eaten chilled. 

Caramel Pudding Cake  (Tutorial Recipe)

(makes a 6" round mould - use fixed base and not removable base to prevent pudding mixture from flowing out.) 


A. Caramel: 
15ml cold water 
50 g castor sugar 

B.Milk mixture: 
200ml milk 
35 g castor sugar
50 g of dairy whipping cream 
2 eggs (weight about 110 g) 
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 

C. Sponge cake: 
2 eggs (about 100 g) 
40 g castor sugar 
50 g cake flour (sifted)
20 g unsalted butter (melted using double boiling method)

焦糖布丁蛋糕  (谱教程)

(6寸圆模- 固定低,不可用分离式,布丁液会漏出来)

A. 焦糖: 
15ml 冷开水
50克 细砂糖

B. 鸡蛋牛奶液:
200ml 牛奶
35克 细砂糖
50克 动物性鲜奶油
2个 鸡蛋 (净重约110克)
1/2 茶匙 香草酒

C. 海绵蛋糕体:
40克 细砂糖
50克 低筋面粉 (过筛)
20克 无盐奶油 (隔水溶化)

Method A - Making the caramel pudding: 
方法A - 制作焦糖布丁

1. Put the cold water and castor sugar into a stainless steel mixing bowl. Gently shake the bowl to mix the sugar with cold water.
1。 将冷开水和细砂糖放入不锈钢盆中,轻轻摇晃盆,使糖与冷水混合均匀。

2. Put over small fire, do not stir yet. (otherwise the sugar won't melt) When the sugar becomes brown, gently stir with a wooden spoon.

3. Cook till dark brown, turn off the heat immediately. (Note: Do not overcook the sugar or it will harden. If you accidentally overcooked, you can add a little water and cook till dissolve.)

4. Pour the caramel into a 6" round mould (I used an oval shaped non-stick mould) to form a layer of caramel evenly. (Add a little milk to the caramel pot to dissolve the remaining caramel and you will get a cup of delicious caramel milk.)
4。将焦糖液平均倒入6寸圆模 (我用椭圆形不沾模),使摸底均匀形成一层焦糖液。(煮完焦糖的锅子加一点牛奶,加热溶化,就是好喝的焦糖牛奶。)

5. Put the milk, half the amount of sugar and whipping cream into the pot and cook until the sugar dissolves. Turn off the heat.

6. Put the egg and the remaining half sugar in another bowl, whisk till combined. 

7. Add in the lukewarm milk slowly bit by bit, stirring while adding. Then stir in the vanilla paste. Strain the mixture and set aside. 

Method B - Making the sponge cake: 
方法B - 制作海绵蛋糕体

1.Put the eggs and castor sugar into a stainless steel bowl. Use a handheld electric mixer, start by selecting low speed to mix both ingredients together till combined.

2. Then increase the speed and beat the mixture until light and fluffy (takes about 8~10 mins) When you lift up the beater, you can see clear folding marks, the mixture is done. 

3. Fold in the flour mixture, half a portion at a time. (Do not over-mix to avoid gluten from forming and it will affect the cake texture. )
​3。然后将已经过筛的粉类分两次加入, 以切拌方式入混合均匀(不要过度搅拌,避免面粉产生筋性,影响口感)。

​4. Fold in the melted butter until well combined. 
4。再将溶化的奶油加入,以切拌方式入混合均匀 ​。

5. Pour the pudding mixture into the cake tin laid with a layer of caramel, followed by the sponge cake mixture. (The texture of the pudding mixture is heavier than the sponge cake mixture, thus both will not mixed together.) 

6. Pour boiling water into the baking pan to a height of about 1cm of the cake tin. 

7. Put the baking tray into the preheated oven at 160 degrees celcius using top and bottom heat (for brandt oven, I use the 'traditional' function) to bake for 10​ minutes ​, then lower the temperature to 150 degrees celcius and bake for another 35 minutes or till a skewer inserted into the centre of the sponge cake comes out clean.
7。放入已经预热至1​60度(用上下火)的烤箱中烘烤​10分钟​, ​然后将烤箱温度直接调成150度, 再继续烘烤35分钟,只要竹籤插入蛋糕中间没有沾粘即可取出。

8. When slightly cooled down, cover with a piece of plastic food wrap. After cooled down completely in room temperature, put it into a air-tight container. Put into the refrigerator for 4 hours or overnight. 

9. Remove from fridge, use a small knife to go around the edges of the moulds and pour out the pudding cake. 

Chinese Recipe is adapted from 胡涓涓's baking book and translated to English for my English readers. Photos are personally taken by baking taitai with an iphone, sometimes with just one hand while working with the other. 

“It takes time and effort to compose or translate recipes, I would appreciate it if you do not copy and pass it off as your own recipe. If you wish to share or adapt any of the recipes that I have posted in this blog, please provide a link to the relevant post here. Thank you.”

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