Monday 22 October 2018

Easy Butterfly Pea Baguettes 简易紫蝶豆花法国面包 (中英加图食谱)

This is my first attempt making baguettes and using natural butterfly pea flowers to achieve a lovely blue hue. Don't you think it's pretty? Super love the natural blue coloring and health benefits the blue pea flowers offer. Blue pea flowers are high in antioxidants, improves eye sight, improves memory, sharpen the mind, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, can reduce the risk of developing diabetes and boosts immune system. 

Here are other blue pea breads that I've tried in the past and recently. 

Blue Pea Hot Dog Buns - recipe adapted from my wholemeal butter buns HERE. I've boiled the blue pea flowers with the fresh milk to make blue pea milk. 

Below is a really simple and straight forward baguette recipe that I have tried as a first timer and it turned out satisfactory. :) 

Easy Butterfly Pea Baguettes 

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Ingredients 食材:
320g Blue Jacket Baguette flour 水手牌法国面粉
210g cold blue pea tea* 冷紫蝶豆花茶
1 tsp instant dry yeast 即溶酵母粉
1/2 tsp sea salt 海盐

*Note 1: boil 10g~15g (I used a mixture of about 250 fresh and dried flowers with calyx removed) dried blue pea flowers with 300g water for 5 mins, strain and measure out 210g, chill in fridge before use. 

*备注 1:用锅煮10g~15g(我用大约250朵不带花萼的新鲜和干燥花)干燥的紫蝶豆花和300g清水5分钟,过滤称量210g,放入冰箱冷藏,备用。

Methods 方法:
1. Knead all ingredients until smooth & elastic. (I used my Bosch OptiMum kitchen machine’s Yeast dough sensor control function.)

1. 将所有食材搓揉至光滑有弹性。

2. Put dough into a greased container and cover with a wringed wet cloth. Proof for one hour.

2. 面团放入抹了油的容器内并盖上拧干的湿布,进行基本发酵60 分钟。

3. Punch dough down to release air. Divide into 3 equal portions, shape round, cover with a wringed wet cloth and bench rest 15 mins. 

3. 面团排气,分割成三份,滚圆,盖上拧干的湿布,松弛15分钟。

4. Shape the doughs and placed on baguette tray. Cover with a wringed wet cloth. Proof for one hour.

4. 面团塑造成棍子形状,放在法国面包烤盘上。

5. Dust lightly with flour and score just before baking.

5. 在发酵好的面团上,撒些面粉,烘烤之前刻痕。

6. Bake in a preheated oven at 210°C for about 20 mins or until deep golden brown.* (For my Bosch steam-combi oven, I added steam intensity 3 to the baking to get a crispy crust) 

6. 在预热烤箱中以210°C烘烤约20分钟或至深金黄色。*(我的Bosch烤箱有添加蒸汽功能,我用蒸汽强度3使面包皮烤得更脆)

*Note 2: If your oven does not have the steam added function, you can put a tray of ice on the oven floor to create a burst of steam to get a crispy crust. 
*备注 1:如果您的烤箱没有添加蒸汽功能,您可以在烤箱内底放一盘冰,以产生一股蒸汽,使面包皮更脆。

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