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Minced Meat Steam Sponge Cake 肉燥蒸蛋糕 (中英食谱)

Have you ever tried making a savoury steam cake? This is my first attempt making this minced meat savoury steam sponge cake and surprisingly it turned out to be deliciously good! I was shedding much tears while cutting up the shallots and it was worth it after all! 😂

Photo updated on 24 August 2018.
This recipe is featured in the “Gourmet Living - 食尚品味” bilingual magazine Aug/Sep 2018 issue.  

You may watch me preparing and cooking this cake in my Instagram Stories. At my Instagram bio page, click on the 'Steam Cake Icon, and watch the 12 stories throughout consisting of still pictures and videos (the little white lines at top of stories indicate the number of stories) Here's the link to my Instagram account :

Minced Meat Steam Sponge Cake

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Ingredients食材 : (8" round removable cake pan 8寸圆形活底蛋糕模)

(A) Fillings 馅料
500g minced meat 肉燥 (I use pork, can replace with chicken or beef 我用猪肉,可用鸡肉或牛肉燥)
120g shallots 红葱头
50g garlic 蒜头

Seasonings 调味料
1 Tbsp Hua Tiao Chiew cooking wine 一大勺花雕酒
1 Tbsp light soy sauce一大勺酱油
1/4 tsp sugar 糖
1/4 tsp white pepper powder 白胡椒粉

(B) Sponge Cake 海绵蛋糕体
5 eggs 鸡蛋
100g caster sugar 细砂糖
160g blue jacket unbleached cake flour, sifted 水手牌蛋糕粉/低筋面粉,过筛
40g olive oil 橄榄油

Preparation 准备工作:
Grease the inner sides and base of the cake pan before laying a piece of non-stick baking paper at the base. Wrap the base with aluminium foil. I'm using an 8" PUSHPAN to steam the cake. The push pan is leaked proof and water-tight due to the patented advance technology, so there's no need to wrap the base with aluminium foil. 


Methods 方法:
1. Mince the shallots and garlic.
1. 红葱头与蒜头切末。

2. Fry the minced shallots and garlic for about 5 minutes or until fragrant. 
2. 红葱头与蒜头末炒香,大约5分钟。

3. Add in minced meat and seasoning. Fry till meat mixture is dry and browned. Set aside to cool. 
3. 加入肉燥与调味料,炒至汤汁收干,肉燥呈褐色,放凉备用。

4. Whisk eggs and sugar using bain marie (double boil) method for a few minutes until mixture is warm. 
4. 全蛋与细砂糖用打蛋器搅拌几分钟,以隔水加热的方式将蛋液加温。

5. Transfer to stand mixer or use electric mixer to beat at highest speed until ribbon stage.
5. 移开后, 用电动打蛋器高速将全蛋打发至明显出现纹路状。

6. Mix in sifted cake flour until no flour is seen. 
6. 加入过筛的蛋糕/低筋面粉,搅拌均匀,面粉完全吸收。

7. Mix in the olive oil until well combined and batter is shiny and flowing.  
7. 加入橄榄油,搅拌至面糊有光泽

8. Pour half cake mixture into cake pan, spread half minced meat mixture evenly on it. Pour remaining half cake mixture and spread remaining meat mixture on it. 
8. 蛋糕糊一半倒入烤模中,一半肉燥馅平均铺在上面,再倒入剩余蛋糕糊,铺上剩下的肉燥馅。

9. Steam for 20~25 minutes. 
9. 蒸大约20~25分钟即可。

I'm using Bosch Series 8 Steam Combi Oven (model HSG636ES1) to steam the cake. 

10. Unmould, leave cake to cool before serving.
10. 蛋糕脱模,放在凉网上散热,冷却后享用。

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