Friday 4 November 2016

Plug and Play Lightbox - Great for food photography!

Plug and Play Lightbox with Integrated LED 
Photo source from LightBox Singapore

As you all know, the photos in this food blog are all taken by myself. Being an amatuer photographer, I do not own any camera lights to lit up my food during photography and am fully dependant on natural day lighting. Thus, I dislike taking photos on gloomy or rainy days and even night time because without the natural bright daylight, my photos don't turn out nice.  

Lightbox Singapore has solved this lighting problem for me when they sent me their Plug & Play Lightbox which allows me to capture alluring photos with seamless, white backgrounds using either a smartphone or DSLR camera. This lightbox has a simple and elegant design and requires no construction nor setup which usually puts many people off taking proper pictures. In fact, it allows one to achieve studio-grade photography with a smartphone in just under 60 seconds! Yes, it is that fast and easy!  

Size of Lightbox : 40.5cm x 40cm x 43cm
(this size comes with a top porthole) 

Let's take a look at the features:
1. The point and shoot lightbox comes with a carrier bag. 

2. It is collapsible and portable and can be fold down to a single folder within seconds. 

3. It is power on the go with a mobile charger, power bank, or even a laptop.

4. It is super fast to setup within seconds by connecting 6 magnets.

5 & 6. It comes with customised white and black backdrops providing a f
ull matte environment, which softens reflected light and reduces shadows and glare. You can even attach your own backdrops by simply hooking it on! 

Here's my 'Valrhona Chocolate Cotton Cake' being placed in the lightbox, ready for a photo shoot. As you can see from the photo, the powerful pure white LED strip (5500K) lights up the cake beautifully. 

A photo shoot of the cake taken in the Lightbox. 

After cutting the cake, let's take a photo in the lightbox to have a close-up look of the cake texture.

The position of the lighting helps minimise shadow in the subject.
Look at how moist and cottony this cake is!

With this lightbox, I can now take better food photos even without the natural lighting. The controlled environment and lighting also help reduces the amount of adjustments and setup, don't you like it's simplicity and convenience?

If you are interested, you may check out this product which comes in 2 sizes, with a 3-month warranty at Lightbox's website:

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