Wednesday 27 April 2016

Upcoming Guest Blogger Workshop - Hands-On Nutella Ogura Cake for Mother's day!

Due to demand for this Nutella Ogura Cake class, I'm invited by Bakers Brew Studio as a guest blogger chef to conduct this class again next Saturday. This class has been very well received (10 April and 30 April classes all fully booked) as the Ogura cake has a light, moist and fluffy texture, great on it's own and does not require any frosting at all! It is a low sugar, low fat and low gluten cake but does not compromise on the taste at all. In fact, you will love it at first bite and 'pine' for it again and again after eating it!

Here are some photos which my students have taken during a private baking session two weeks ago and shared it with me as well as the feedbacks given by some of the participants:

Photos taken by my students during a private session on 14 April 2016. 

Demo before hands-on 

Feedbacks given by some of my students who have attended the Nutella Ogura classes on 10 April and 14 April :

Michelle: "My younger boy kept thinking of having a second slice after eating it!"

Nur: "I have attended so many cake baking classes and the ogura cake I've learnt from you is the most well received by my family and friends. In fact, it is the only cake that was finished within the night I brought home after the class! My husband likes it so much that he kept asking me to bake for him again!"

Eileen:" The cakes which I baked at home in the past always have crack surfaces and sink. During your class, it is the first time that my cake has risen so nicely and there are no cracks at all! I have attempted to bake the cake on my own successfully after your class too!"

Nathalie:" I have always been an assistant to my mum (who bakes well) at home when she bakes. After attending your class, I can impress her as I have learnt to bake a cake successfully on my own!" 

30 April'16 class

New class schedule 

Date: 7 May 2016 (Saturday) 
Time: 3pm - 7pm 

Venue: Bakers Brew Studio (Sembawang)
No.6 Jalan Tampang
Singapore 758950 

Maximum: 8 persons 

Price: $108

Click 'here' for more details and to register for the class.

In this workshop, you will get a hands-on baking this cottony, soft, light and fluffy chocolatey cake. Tips, techniques and troubleshooting will be discussed throughout the class to ensure a successful bake. Class is also kept small at 8 persons to enhance learning as well as receive more individual attention. 

Come and join me for an afternoon of fun baking and you can bring home this healthy Nutella Ogura Cake (6 inch) to celebrate Mother's Day with your family! 

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Buttercreem said...

hi Cheryl,
I'm a SAHM and normally busy when my boy comes back from school, would you consider doing a weekday class? Thanks.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Buttercreem, like you I'm also a busy sahm without any helper and have to attend to my kids when they are back from school. I'm super busy on weekdays with household chores, baking, cooking, tutoring my kids etc. hope you understand.