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Tangzhong Wholemeal Buns- Easter Ducklings 汤种全麦小餐包- 小鸭造型 (中英加图对照食谱)

Wishing all my readers a blessed Easter! 祝大家复活节快乐!

I was in a creative mood and inspired to create some chick buns but it ended up looking more like ducklings! It's amusing looking at the batch of ducklings after it has 'hatched' out of the 'incubator'. I was just thinking that it is too cute to be eaten when my little boy came over, took one and bite off the 'duckling head' and commented, "Hmm...yummy!" I had a good laugh! 

心血来潮想创造有趣的造型面包,原本打算做小鸡造型的, 做出来却比较像小鸭。。。呵呵!看着这些‘孵化’的小鸭子们逗得我好开心,心想这么可爱怎么舍得吃呢?这时,我家的小朋友走了过来,拿起一个,把整个"鸭头"咬掉,说:“好好食噢!” 笑到我。。。

Tangzhong Wholemeal Buns (Easter Ducklings)
汤种全麦小餐包 (小鸭造型)

Ingredients 食材:

TangZhong (Water-Roux) :
100ml fresh milk
20g blue jacket bread flour 

100毫升 鲜牛奶
20克 水手牌特级强力粉 (或高筋面粉)

Main Dough: 

100ml water
all tangzhong dough (about 110g) 
220g blue jacket bread flour (or any bread flour)
100g blue jacket wholemeal flour (or any superfine wholemeal flour)
35g sugar (I used organic raw sugar)
1/2 tsp active dry yeast
1/4 tsp salt
35g olive oil

100毫升 水
220克水手牌特级强力粉 (或高筋面粉)
1/2茶匙 活性干酵母
1/4茶匙 盐
35克 橄榄油

some almonds
some mini chocolate chips *
some egg wash

*get bakeable ones that will not melt during baking



Preparation of Tangzhong 预备汤种:
1. Mix milk and flour well until no lump is seen.
1. 牛奶与面粉搅拌均匀至没粉粒。

2. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly to prevent burning and sticking.
2. 用中小火加热,边煮边搅拌,以防焦或粘锅底。

3. When mixture thickens and you notice lines in the mixture with each stir, it is done. Off fire, set aside to cool.
3. 煮到变浓稠,搅拌时面糊呈现漩涡状,熄火,待凉备用。

Method 方法:

1a. Using Hand knead or Mixer - mix in all the ingredients (except olive oil) till everything is combined, then add the olive oil in and knead till window pane stage. Proof for 60 minutes or till double in size.

1a. 用手或搅拌器 - 把所有材料(橄榄油除外)搓揉成为一个不粘手的面团, 再加入橄榄油搓揉到完全融合。 继续搓揉甩打成撑得起薄膜的面团。放在温暖密闭的空间,发酵约60分钟至两倍大。

OR 或

1b. Using Breadmaker - Place water and tangzhong first followed by dry ingredients in sequence (except olive oil) into the breadmaker pan. Select dough program, press start. Add olive oil when it stops kneading after a few minutes. Dough will be proofed to double its size at the end of this 90 minutes program.

1b。用面包机 - 将所有食材(橄榄油除外)依次放入面包桶。选择面团做法程序,按下启动键,揉几分钟停止后再加入橄榄油。 90分钟程序完毕后,面团已发酵两倍大。

2. Sprinkle some bread flour on the worktop, put the proofed dough down, sprinkle some bread flour on it. Punch it down to release air. 

2. 桌上洒些高筋面粉,将发好的面团取出,表面洒上一些高筋面粉。将第一次发酵完成的面团空气拍出。

3. Divide into 9 equal portions of 50g each and 9 equal portions of 14g each. Roll round and cover with a wrung damp dough fermentation cloth and let rest for 15 minutes. 

3. 平均分割成9份50克,9份14克,滚成圆形,盖上拧干的湿发酵布,再让面团休息15分钟。

4. Punch down the rested doughs and shaped into small doughs for the duck head and oval doughs for the duck body. Spray some water and cover with a damp dough fermentation cloth and proof for 25 minutes. 

4. 面团休息后拍出空气,将小面团滚成圆形作为鸭的头,将大的面团滚成椭圆形作为鸭的身体,盖上拧干的湿发酵布,发酵25分钟。

5. Place the fermented oval dough on a baking tray lined with baking paper or in a greased Mastrad 9 slice cake pan. 

5. 把发酵后的椭圆形面团放在铺有烤纸的烤盘上或放入抹了油的9格三角形模具。

6. Placed the small dough on top of the oval dough. 

6. 小面团放在椭圆形面团上。

7. Use a floured chopstick to make an indentation, dipped the almond into some egg wash and insert into the indention to form the duck's bill. 

7. 用沾了面粉的筷子在小面球上戳个洞,杏仁果沾些蛋液再插入洞作为鸭嘴。

8. Use a floured chopstick to make 2 small indentations, apply some egg wash on the indentations and insert a mini chocolate chip into each indentation to form the duck's eyes.

8. 用沾了面粉的筷子在小面球上戳两个小洞,沾一些蛋液,插入洞作为鸭眼睛。

9. Brush some egg wash brush on the dough. 

9. 面团表面刷上一层蛋液。

10. Put into a preheated oven and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 12 to 15 minutes or surface has turned golden brown. 

10. 放入预热烤箱以上下火摄氏180度烘烤12至15分钟或表面呈现金黄色。 

In the 'incubator'


My little darling cuties!  :)

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