Thursday 24 December 2015

Highly recommended Bailey's Chocolate and Coffee Roll Cake 强推百利巧克力咖啡蛋糕卷 (中英加图对照食谱)

I'm back from a wonderful family winter vacations and having experienced freezing cold temperature at -9 degree Celsius as well as highly polluted air quality of PSI 500, am I glad to be home! My oven has rested well too for the past one month and it is all ready for moi to work it hard!

Here's sharing my new experiment and recipe of a roll cake which I have transformed into a Christmas log cake for my church Caregroup gathering last weekend. My friends who were my 'guinea pigs' gave thumbs up for it and they love the smooth, soft and bouncy cake texture. They told me that they have not tasted such nice roll cake texture before and they also love the chocolate and coffee cream fillings which is light and not too sweet. My hubby who hardly praises also commented that this is the best roll cake I have made so far!

As I was rushing to attend the gathering, I didn't have time to take out my DSLR camera to take some nice shots of the cake, only manage to snap one photo of the completed cake with my mobile phone.

I highly recommend you to give this cake a try and here's wishing everyone a Blessed and Joyous Christmas!


Highly recommended Bailey's Chocolate and Coffee Roll Cake  

Ingredients for coffee cake : (baking pan - 33cm x 38cm) 
6 egg yolk  (I used eggs each weighing 60g) 
20g caster sugar 
40g extra virgin olive oil 
50g fresh milk
90g cake flour, sifted  (I used premium Blue Jacket cake flour
3.6g (2 satchets) instant coffee powder (DO NOT use 3 in 1 coffee)
10g hot water
2 tsp Baileys coffee flavoured liqueur 


6 egg white (I used eggs each weighing 60g) 
90g caster sugar 

咖啡蛋糕食材: (烤盘 - 33cm x 38cm) 

6颗  蛋黄 (我用重量60克的蛋)
20克 细砂糖 
40克 特级初榨橄榄油 
50克 鲜奶 
90克 低筋面粉,过筛 用优质水手牌蛋糕粉
3.6克 (两包)即溶咖啡粉 (不可用3合1咖啡)
10克 热水
2茶匙 百利咖啡味甜酒


6颗  蛋白 (我用重量60克的蛋)
90克 细砂糖 

Method for making coffee cake 咖啡蛋糕做法:
1. Mix the coffee powder well with hot water, then add in the Bailey's coffee liqueur, mix well and set aside.
1。咖啡粉与热水混合均匀, 再加入百利咖啡味甜酒,混合均匀, 备用。

2. Beat the sugar with egg yolks until it dissolves. Add in the oil gradually, mix well before adding in the milk, beat till well combined.


3. Mix in the sifted flour in 2 additions into the egg yolk mixture till no flour is seen. 


4. Add in the coffee and liqueur mixture, mix well and set aside. 


5. Beat the egg white till bubble stage, add in the sugar gradually and beat till firm peak. (firm peak is in between soft and stiff peak)  
5。蛋白搅打至呈现细泡沫,加入柠檬汁与糖 (分次加入)打成尾端稍微弯曲的蛋白霜。(介于湿性发泡与干性发泡间)

6. Add the meringue into the egg yolk batter 1/3 at a time, each time gently mixed well before adding the next. 


7. Pour the batter into the baking pan laid with baking paper and smoothen the surface.   

8. Bang the baking pan a few times on the worktop to deflate big air bubbles. Put into a preheated oven at 180 degree Celsius top/bottom heat and bake for about 12 minutes. (Please adjust temperature and timing according to your own oven.)


9. Remove the cake from the oven, transfer to a wire rack, peel open the sides of the baking paper to cool the cake. Put another piece of baking paper on it, flipped it over and peel off the top baking paper.   


Ingredients for chocolate cream : (If you are NOT transforming the roll cake into log cake, just use 2/3 of the ingredients to make the inner cream fillings) 

300g dairy whipping cream(I used whipping cream with 38% fat )
150g dark chocolate (I used 85% cocoa Lindt dark chocolate) 
2 tsp gelatin powder 
3 tbsp water  
1 tbsp Baileys chocolate luxe liqueur 

巧克力鲜奶油食材: (如果不是做木材蛋糕,只需用三分之二的食材做内陷)

300克  动物性鲜奶油 (我用含有38%脂肪的鲜奶油)
150克 黑巧克力(我用85%可可Lindt黑巧克力)
2茶匙 明胶粉
3大匙 水
1大匙 百利巧克力甜酒

Method for chocolate cream filling 巧克力鲜奶油做法 :
1. In a bowl, sprinkle gelatin powder (without stirring) into water, put aside for 10 minutes for grains to swell before setting the bowl over a bowl of hot water. Stir with a spoon until gelatin melts.  

2. Mix the gelatin solution well with a little whipping cream before mixing with the rest of the whipping cream. Use an electric mixer to beat the whipping cream till firm peak, set aside in fridge. 
2。胶粉液加入少许鲜奶油,混合均匀再加入剩余的鲜奶油。用电动打蛋器打发至不流动状态, 放入冰箱备用。

3. Break up the chocolate into smaller pieces, melt it in a dry, clean bowl over a double boiler, stir it until you get a smooth paste. (I melt it directly over my induction hob using the lowest heat.) 

4. Remove the whipping cream from the fridge, pour in the hot melted chocolate immediately and mix quickly till well combined. Then add in the chocolate liqueur, mix well.  

5. Spread the cream evenly on the cake surface before rolling it up. (depending on your room temperature, if the cream melts too fast, you may put it in the fridge to harden a little before spreading) Wrap the whole cake with baking paper and put into a plastic bag before putting it into the freezer to chill hard before cutting into pieces to serve. 
5。巧克力鲜奶油均匀涂抹在蛋糕表面上 (由于室内温度不同,如果鲜奶油溶化的快,可放进冰箱,等硬一些再拿出来涂抹),卷至成蛋糕卷。最后用烘焙纸将整条蛋糕卷起,收口朝下用塑胶袋装起,放置到冰箱冷冻定型再取出切片享用。

NOTE: You may skip the following step if you are not transforming it into a log cake. 

Decorating chocolate coffee cream for log cake 


Ingredients for chocolate coffee cream : 

150g dairy whipping cream(I used whipping cream with 38% fat )
25g caster sugar
2 tsp Baileys coffee flavored liqueur  
2 tsp Baileys chocolate luxe liqueur 
1/3 portion of the above chocolate cream 


150克  动物性鲜奶油 (我用含有38%脂肪的鲜奶油)
25克 细砂糖
2茶匙 百利甜酒咖啡味
2茶匙 百利巧克力甜酒
1/3 之前做的巧克力鲜奶油

Method for chocolate coffee cream  巧克力咖啡鲜奶油做法 :
1. Use an electric mixer to beat the whipping cream and sugar till firm peak. 

2. Mix in the chocolate cream together with coffee and chocolate liqueur. 
2。加入一半的巧克力鲜奶油,咖啡甜酒与巧克力甜酒, 拌均匀。 

3. Decorate as desired. 

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Unknown said...

Hi! where can i get the baileys chocolate liqueur in Singapore

Marie said...

Hi,if I were to use my 10"×10" square pan, is it I reduce your recipe by half? Tks for ur reply.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi, I got it from DFS store. If you really can't find the chocolate luxe or coffee flavoured ones, you can replaced it with Baileys Original or Kahlua.

Baking Taitai said...

Hi, please use the 'Pan Conversion Tool' under Useful link which can found at the right column of my blog to adjust the ingredients amount to suit your baking pan.

My Little Space said...

Happy New Year to you & family, Cheryl. May many more good things coming your way dear. God blessed.
Blessings, Kristy

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Kristy, a blessed New Year to you and family too! Wishing you a bountiful year and God bless!

Zoe said...

Hi Cheryl,

Happy 2016! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas! Your bailey chocolate log cake looks very impressive... I will be very happy feasting this for Christmas :D


Baking Taitai said...

Hi Zoe, a blessed New Year to you too! Sorry for not visiting, due to my super busy schedule, I hardly have time for blog hopping these days.

LoveToCookAndBake said...

Hi Cheryl, I cant find the pan size for this recipe. So please advise if there is an alternative size. The other thing is how to prevent the cake from cracking when rolling. Thanks and appreciate your help! Ai Li

Baking Taitai said...

@LoveToCookAndBake, you can use any flat pan, just convert using the ‘Pan Conversion Tool' found under Useful Link at the side bar. Rolling the cake when it is warm will prevent cracking.