Wednesday 19 August 2015

Super addictive Mini Cheese Bread 一口乳酪面包 (中英食谱教程)

This mini bite size bread is so addictive that you can't stop at one, guarantee that you will be popping one after another into your mouth and in no time you will finish the whole batch and wished that you have made more! ;)
This recipe is a keeper and I shall be making this finger food snack very often as it is so well liked by everyone in the family!


Mini Cheese Bread 
(食谱改自Carol's Original Flavor bread book, original recipe is tweaked to be healthier and eggless, english recipe translated by baking taitai

240g bread flour (I used Blue Jacket bread flour
½ tsp instant dry yeast 
35g caster sugar (I used organic raw sugar) 
¼ tsp salt
20g grated parmesan cheese 
150g plain or greek yogurt (I used honey greek yogurt, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey if using plain as honey is a natural bread softener.) 
35g unsalted butter, cut into cubes and soften at room temperature

240克 高筋面粉 (我用水手牌特级强力粉
½ 小勺 干酵母 
35g 细砂糖 (我用有机原糖)
¼ 小勺 
20克 帕梅善起士粉
150克 普通或希腊式优格 (我用蜂蜜希腊式优格,如果您用普通的,可添加1小勺蜂蜜,因为蜂蜜是天
35克 无盐奶油,切丁,室温软化 

Source from Internet 

Methods 方法:

1a. Using Hand knead or Mixer - mix in all the ingredients (except butter) till everything is combined, then add the butter in and knead till window pane stage. Proof for 60 minutes or till double in size.

1a。用手或搅拌器 把所有材料(牛油除外)搓揉成为一个不粘手的面团, 再加入牛油搓揉到完全融合。 继续搓揉甩打成撑得起薄膜的面团。放在温暖密闭的空间,发酵约60分钟至两倍大。
(Extract from bread baking book)
To check for window pane stage, stretch thinly to form a thin membrane, it should not tear apart. -2nd picture  

To check if dough is done with proofing. dip your finger in some flour, poke into the center of the dough, if the hole stays and does not bounce back, it is done. 

1b. Using Breadmaker - Place yogurt first follow by dry ingredients in sequence (except butter) into the breadmaker pan.  (Note: Place sugar on the left side and salt on the right side. Make an indention at the centre of the flour and add instant yeast, ensure that it does not touch the wet ingredient below.)
Select dough function, (I selected function 8 for my Kenwood BM250) after 5 minutes of kneading, add in the butter. Dough will be proofed to double its size at the end of this 90 minutes program. 

1b。用面包机 将所有食材(牛油除外)依次放入面包桶。(注:糖放左边,盐放在右边。把酵母粉放在面粉中间,确保不接触到下面的湿食材。)
选择面团程序,按启动键。(Kenwood BM250 我选择8- 面团做法) 面包机搅拌5分钟后,加入牛油。90分钟程序完毕后,面团已发酵两倍大。

2. Sprinkle some bread flour on the worktop, put the proofed dough down, sprinkle some bread flour on it. Punch it down to release air. Roll it round and cover it with a clean cloth and let it rest for another 15 minutes. 


3. Sprinkle some bread flour on the rested dough, flatten it and roll it into a rectangular shape with 1 cm thickness.

3。休息好的面团表面洒些高筋面粉避免沾粘,擀压成为一块厚度约1 cm的面皮。

4. Using a sharp knife, dipped the knife blade in some bread flour to prevent sticking, cut the dough into 2cm x 2cm square pieces.


5. Arrange them into the baking tray and spray some water on it. Put it into the oven (without setting any temperature), close the door and let it proof for another 40~50 minutes till 1.5 times bigger. 


6. Bake in a preheated oven at 180'C for 12~14 minutes or till surface of bread is golden in colour. (Do not overbake or bread will be hard!) 


7. Transfer to a cooling rack to cool down. 


Super Addictive!!! 


Feedback given by reader who has tried out this recipe:

Efah Salim says," It's really yummy, once you eat, you can't stop!" 

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kitchen flavours said...

Hi Cheryl,
These do look super addictive! Anything with cheese would be a winner in my house! Perfect with a mug of warm tea! Thanks for sharing with CYB!

Christine said...

Hi Cheryl, thanks for sharing the mini cheese bread, it looks so cute and I'm about to try it out :) but can I use shredded parmesan cheese instead of grated? As I left 1/2 packet of shredded cheese sitting in the fridge which tried your savoury cake the other time. Thanks

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Christine, for this recipe, please use grated cheese as the texture is different from shredded cheese. Grated cheese has been dried and ground into a more granular form and mixes well into the bread dough.

MiMi Bakery House said...

Yummy....can Mimi get some Minis??? I can smell the cheesy aroma... :D

Baking Bees said...

Hi Cheryl, to get to windowpane stage we have to knead for at least 30 mins?

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Baking Bees, timing is not a good gauge as it depends on the machine kneading power or your arm/hand kneading power. It is best to check by pulling a chunk of dough, if it appears translucent without tearing apart, that means you have kneaded sufficiently and reached window pane stage.

Abi said...

Hii... Cheryl,
May I ask this bread dough can put in frigde to bake it after few days?

From: abi

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Abi, yes you can put the bread dough into the fridge. After it has been kneaded to window pane stage, apply a thin layer of olive oil on the surface, wrap a few layers of cling wrap tightly around it (ensuring no air so as to prevent the dough from over-proofing) before putting it in an air-tight container. When you are ready to use the bread dough, leave it in the room temperature for half an hour before continuing from step 2.