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Smooth and Creamy Vanilla Custard 柔顺又滑腻的香草卡士达奶油 (中英食谱教程)

Here's a nice, smooth and creamy vanilla custard which I have made 2 days ago and would like to share it with you. It is also my first time using vanilla bean. Yes, no kidding, I have only used vanilla extract and vanilla paste in my bakes so far. 



I bought the above Vanilla bean products - Organic vanilla bean pods, vanilla bean extract, vanilla bean paste and pure vanilla bean grinder during my holidays in Australia last December. I have chosen the vanilla bean to make the custard. When I took the bean pod out of it's container, I was greeted by a strong rich fragrance! This is definitely the ultimate in flavouring and scenting baked goods! 

I have listed down the differences of Vanilla bean products just in case you are wondering how they differ from one another. 

Vanilla Bean - vanilla pod filled with thousands of  little brown flavourful specks. Most natural and priciest of all and with the most intense flavour, It is full of health benefits. (see image below)
香草荚 - 非常名贵的香料,不仅香气高贵典雅,也有广泛的应用,香草荚中含有250种以上芳香成份及17种人体必需的氨基酸,具有极强的补肾、开胃、除胀、健脾等医学效果,是一种天然滋补养颜良药。

Vanilla Bean Paste - made by infusing natural vanilla bean into a thick, sweet sugar syrup, can be used in place of vanilla extract in any recipe. The vanilla beans are scraped into the paste, so you get all of those lovely little vanilla bean specks in whatever you’re baking along with the vanilla flavor! 
香草酱/香草籽糊 - 用香草籽+糖+淀粉+添加物,浓缩而成,可以看到香草籽的。

Pure Vanilla Extract - make using vanilla pod infused into a mixture of alcohol and water, most popular way of vanilla used by home bakers. Do take note to buy pure and not imitation version. 
天然香草精- 从香草荚中萃取提炼而成。香草的有机芳香成分需要有机溶剂来提取,所以香草精一般会含有酒精。

Vanilla Essence - manufactured using chemicals, artificial colouring and flavouring. (This is definitely out for me, nothing natural at all! )

Vanilla Sugar - make using vanilla bean buried in granulated sugar to allow the vanilla to permeate the sugar.
香草糖 - 为有香草香味的糖粒或糖粉,可用于烘焙制作或装饰之用。有时香草糖中会有少许的黑色细沙状颗粒,那是天然的香草荚中的豆子或种子,并不影响使用。

Source from Internet 来自网络
香草豆荚的好处: 促进头发生长, 抗衰老, 舒缓烧伤, 治疗粉刺, 助于减肥瘦身, 减轻反胃, 辅助伤口愈合

 Vanilla Custard Cream

Ingredients 食材:
3 egg yolks             3个蛋黄
70g caster sugar     70克 细砂糖
25g cake flour        25克 低筋面粉
250ml milk             250毫升 鲜奶
1/2 vanilla bean      半支香草豆莢

Method 做法:
1. Split the vanilla bean pod in half, and using a sharp knife, scrape out the vanilla bean seeds.

2. Put the milk, vanilla seeds and vanilla pod into a pot. Cook till just before boil. Set aside. 
2。将鮮奶,香草籽, 香草豆荚外壳放入锅中,开火,煮至即将沸即可。

3. In a mixing bowl, whisk the egg yolk, followed by sugar and cake flour. Whisk each ingredient well before adding the next. 
3。在搅拌盆里加入蛋黄搅拌均匀, 然后依序加入细砂糖,低筋面粉, 每次加入材料都要充分搅拌均匀。 

4. Pour the hot milk, vanilla bean and pod over the egg yolks mixture, mix well. 

5. Strain the mixture before pouring it back to the pot used for heating up the milk. 
5。用滤网过滤盆中的奶油, 倒回刚加热牛奶用的锅中。 

6. Use a hand whisk to stir around the bottom of the pan continuously till the mixture boils. Take note not to burn, cook till it thickens.
6。开火, 用打蛋器沿着锅底边缘不断地搅动, 直到煮沸, 注意不要烧焦, 煮至水变少即可。 

7. When the custard cream is smooth and shiny, it is done.

8. Before storing in the fridge, put the pot of custard on a bowl of ice water, this is to speed up the process of cooling down till below 30 degree Celcius.

9. Transfer to a bowl, cover with cling wrap, pressing it onto the surface of the pastry cream to prevent forming a skin on the surface. Refrigerate until chilled. 

10. Before using, take the custard out from the fridge. Use a spatula to mix the custard till smooth and shiny.  

Personal Note 小笔记:
If the custard is prepared in advance or there is leftover, you can keep it in the fridge for 3 to 4 days.

Click here for this delicious French pastry recipe which I have used this smooth and creamy vanilla custard.  

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R loves custard and he'll ask me to make something with custard again if he sees this! :)
Yummy custard!! I can already think of some bakes using this! :)

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Hi Cheryl,
If I'm not using vanilla pod but vanilla bean paste, how much amount should I put? Thanks

Baking Taitai said...

Hi Lynn, for this recipe, you can substitute with half teaspoon of vanilla paste.