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Rich Chocolate Cake (Highly Recommended) 强力推荐浓郁巧克力蛋糕 (中英食谱教程)

I just returned from my vacation in Australia. It was a wonderful time spend with my family. 

Shortly back from my trip, Tovolo sent me these interesting and functional tools, some are from the 2015 range and are not available in our local market yet. I am so happy and excited with my new kitchen toys! You will see some of it in action in today's tutorial photos. 

What a great Christmas present to receive! 

Christmas is just around the corner and I am in the mood to bake some chocolate cake. Dark chocolate being my favourite food as well as favourite ingredient for baking is the main and important ingredient for this chocolate cake recipe which I tried years ago and still love it today. 

I have used the Malagos 65% Chocolate samples which I received from Amy of CHOCOLATE-CHIP-SISTERS.COM to make this decadent rich chocolate cake. The result is a fragrant, rich and moist chocolate cake which one simply cannot resist! 

Here's my boy eating the snowman part by part starting from the hat. ;)

Source from Internet 来自网络

Malagos Chocolate is 100% all natural, NO gluten, Non-GMO, no preservatives or artificial colouring, no dairy and no nuts. It is of single-origin which gives it that distinct flavour. With the launch of her new online store, Amy is offering all Malagos chocolate products at 10% discount till end of the month. Do visit her online store at if you intend to get some pure and all natural artisan chocolate for baking or eating. 

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Rich Chocolate Cake (Highly Recommended) 


200g unsalted butter, softened
150g brown Sugar
3 eggs (I used 60g ones)
200g good quality Dark Chocolate (I used 20 pieces of Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate, 1 piece is about 10 grams)
220g cake flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsp cocoa powder (I used Margaret River Chocolate Company's)
1 tsp vanilla extract (I used Queen's vanilla bean extract with seeds) 

6 tbsp dark rum *
150ml fresh Milk 

*Half the recipe (Snowman design) without rum is for my kids' consumption. 3 tablespoons of Bacardi Oakheart rum was added to the other half recipe for the Christmas Tree design. 

Actual ingredients used for this recipe. 


200克 牛油,软化
150克 赤糖
3粒 鸡蛋(我用60克的)
200克 上等黑巧克力(我用20片Malago 65%黑巧克力,1片约10克)
220克 低筋面粉
1茶匙 发粉
1/2茶匙 苏打粉
2汤匙 可可粉
1茶匙 纯香草精
6汤匙 黑朗姆酒*
150毫升 鲜牛奶

*食谱一半没放朗姆酒 (雪人小蛋糕)是给小朋友享用的。另一半加了3汤匙的百加得橡木心辛香朗姆酒 (圣诞树小蛋糕)是给大人享用的。

Methods 方法:

1. Preheat oven to 160°C. Grease and line base and side of a 9 inch round cake pan. 

(  I used half the batter for Snowman mould pan and the other half for the Christmas Tree mould pan.) 


The Tovolo Large Pastry Brush is used to grease the pans, It has an easy-grip, contoured handle with silicone bristles which won't retain odours or absorb flavours. 

2. Sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda together. Set aside.


3. Melt chocolate using double boil method. Stir with a spoon until melted and smooth. Set aside for 10 minutes to cool. 
(I used my Brandt induction hob to melt the chocolate directly using the lowest heat - power 1)

(我用Brandt电磁炉最低的热量直接融化巧克力 - 功率1)

Here's using my favourite Tovolo mini Spoonula to stir and melt the Malagos Chocolate directly over Brandt induction hob. 

4. Use an electric mixer, cream the butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract until light and fluffy. Add eggs, one at a time, beating after each addition. Add in the melted chocolate. Beat until well combined. Fold half the flour mixture into the butter mixture. Add in half the milk, stir gently to combine. Repeat with remaining flour mixture and milk. 


The Tovolo 5.2L stainless steel bowl is used here. Love this deep bowl with an elegant brushed exterior as it prevents mess when mixing and the rolled lip allows for an easy pour. The cute Tovolo Gingerbread cookie spatula is used to fold in the flour and milk. 

* After using half the batter to fill up the snowman mould pan, I added 3 tablespoons of Bacardi Oakheart rum to the remaining half batter for the Christmas Tree mould pan. 

*一半的面糊倒入雪人烤模后, 我在剩余的面糊里加入3汤匙的百加得橡木心辛香朗姆酒 ,倒入圣诞树烤模。 

5. Spoon into prepared pan. Smooth surface. 


I used the Tovolo Cupcake Pen to dispense the batter efficiently into the mould pan and used the Tovolo Scoop and Spread to smooth out the surface.

6. Bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean. (It took 25 mins for my Brandt oven to bake the cakes in the Snowman and Christmas Tree mould pans.)


Cool on wiring rack totally before decorating.

7. Decorate as desire. (My girl and I had fun decorating the Snowman and Christmas tree cakes. )

7. 随意装饰。(亲子乐- 女儿与我一起装饰雪人和圣诞树小蛋糕。)

Perfect tools for working with small amount - Love the small and mighty Tovolo Mini Whisk which whipped up the royal icing. The Tovolo mini Stripes Spatula is great for transferring the royal icing into the small piping bag. 

Decorating stuffs which I brought back from my recent holiday in Australia.
Wishing all my readers a blessed and joyous Christmas! 祝大家圣诞快乐!

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Baking Taitai said...

Hi Yvonne C, the timing and temperature will depend on the colour and material of your baking pan as different materials conduct and distribute heat differently. Please adjust accordingly.

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Hi Cheryl, welcome back. Impressive decorated snowman and Christmas tree chocolate cakes.
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Hi Cheryl, these cakes are super cute!!!

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